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Shopping Shoot in the rain.

Says it all reallyTrying vainly to compensate for my stupid blunder yesterday when my camera’s battery ran out after just one photo on what was to be a collection of shots of Autumn colours taken on a gorgeous sunny day, I took my camera with me this morning ( complete with fully charged battery) as we went down to town for some shopping. It was raining which put a damper on things so don’t worry about the white spots on some of the shots. that’s just the rain on the lens.

The Park in Autumn

A very weak sun kept vainly trying to battle with the rain clouds, but sadly lost. The park was empty apart from one brave soul battling his way through the mud and a lone dog owner walking their dog. The swings, the slides, the spiders web, the toddlers roundabout were all empty and forlorn. We had to battle our way through the very soggy grass in the park  just to get some decent shots and K splodged her way valiantly through the muddy field as she trudged after me, not looking  too impressed with this diversion just for her Mum’s photo shoot.

Pan from the Spiders Web

She'll sample just about anything!

She brightened up considerably though on reaching Tesco’s when she was invited to taste some chilli con carne from a lady who was offering tasters of some product or other. All hardship suffered during the trek through mud and wet grass was quickly forgotten so with a shot of K enjoying her taster I do hope you will enjoy all the damp photos in the slideshow.

TG  Just for your info, some more photo’s of Autumn colours now added to my Photo Blog. Click on the Menu tab ‘My Photos’ above. Thanks.

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14 thoughts on “Shopping Shoot in the rain.

  1. The autumn colours never fail to amaze do they. At least having the place to yourselves meant there were not people cluttering up the pictures.
    Where is the pic of K and her chilli?

    • Sorry. Was doing this post fairly late last night and forgot. Will edit in Live Writer and include it at the bottom. Whoops! Tell you Anne, my mind is shot of late! When are we going to get brain and memory transplants I wonder?

      • Aha! there she is, be honest now…did K only have the one taster pot or did she pinch yours. That girl does love her grub!

      • Yes Anne but she makes standing cooking anything worth while! I didn’ t have any as I don’t like chili con carne or anything that she likes. Its a wonder she didn’t ask me to get a taster pot just so she could have two. (she’s slipping up of late!)

    • Thank you Marjie. I have taken a few more today whilst killing time waiting in town for K to finish Yoga class. A lot better day today, quite warm in fact to say its November and with some sunshine to boot! My kind of day to be out snapping but it was still like a quagmire in the park. It does get really ‘boggy’ if its been raining for any length of time.

  2. Hello Technogran
    I love all the changes that the seasons bring; the Autumn leaves in your photos look glorious too, but the picture that caught my attention was the blue jeans, black shoes in the water puddle. The shadow in the water together with the leaves looks like a bit like a bunny.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment.
    Kind thoughts

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