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One track mind.

Walking down to town on Sunday for our shopping. The pavement is covered with autumn leaves.

Observant remark from my daughter as she walked through the leaves. “Hey, it sounds like crisps!” Sigh.

Autumn Leaves

TG I don't know smile

11 thoughts on “One track mind.

  1. Hi. Yeah, still around. Noticed a lot of people are having problems with the ThinkPoint Scam (seems a lot of people fell for the scareware tactics it uses when it pops up and now their computers don’t work so good no more). EVERYONE should have read THIS long ago http://www.microsoft.com/security/antivirus/rogue.aspx

    I know I did and I’ll bet you did, TG. For everyone else…read it, watch the cute little videos AND REMEMBER—DON’T LET THE HACKERS PANIC YOU!

  2. I don’t fall for it Cassandra. I already use Security Essentials its the only one you need with Windows 7, so any of these scams would be ignored . Thanks for the heads up for everyone else though! 🙂

  3. My pleasure…especially when I see Microsoft posting notices about the large amount of traffic they are getting because of this one. Apparently it fooled a lot of people into thining it was some kind of update from Microsoft Security Essentials (it wasn’t).

    Here is a page I visit regularly: http://support.microsoft.com/ always a good idea to keep up on the latest, you know. Microsoft Security Essentials is great with 7 or Vista either one (both have a dual firewall anyway) it is only XP and before that require more than MSE

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