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Today’s walk with Crew.

Setting off at Clay House

We’ve been on a very long walk with crew today. One in which K and I ended up throwing the towel in and didn’t quite make it to the end. Setting off at Elland, we began our walk at Clay House then through the North Dean Woods towards Copley. It was very wet and muddy and the dead leaves that littered our path through the woodland reminded me of trying to walk through soggy cornflakes.

Not only that, but we had to contend with a very muddy path made worse by frequent use by scramblers on their bikes.  K did as she always does and latched onto the only males in the party where she took advantage as she tends to do and hooked up to both of them for support.

Helping hands on the walk

I struggled on behind taking shots of the woodland whenever I felt it warranted it. We had rainy showers and sunny spells during the length of the walk, which meant we were constantly putting hoods up or down as the elements dictated. On the return journey along the canal towpath, my back was playing up and one of my walking boots was creating havoc with my foot. Had I been by myself I would have soldiered on but  K was absolutely jiggered and was on the lookout for a bus stop with the intention of catching the bus back to West Vale.

We ended up with one of the party coming back for us whilst we waited where we stood. From there we went to the Barge and Barrel for a very welcome sit down and lunch. I had the beef and Ale stew whilst K devoured the Chinese Chicken Wrap with chips, ably washed down with a large glass (or two) of White Zinfandel.  We have always enjoyed the pub grub in the Barge and Barrel and today was no exception. the sun was streaming through the windows as we devoured our food. One of the members kindly gave us a lift to Brighouse bus station where we didn’t have long to wait for our bus home.

I hope you all enjoy the photos album of todays walk.



4 thoughts on “Today’s walk with Crew.

    • Thanks Marjie. It was very tiring plodding through the soddened carpet of leaves and mud. I ache all over this morning, but despite the pain and rubbish weather conditions, it was well worth it.

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