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Share and share alike.

My daughter believes in share and share alike. Her motto on a frosty and slippy morning?  If I go down, your going down with me!

Clinging on like a limpet

TG Open-mouthed smile (clinging on to a support worker)

4 thoughts on “Share and share alike.

  1. Thats just like my Sarah, if there is the slightest sheen on the floor shes either freezes and wont move or clings onto people or wallls, living on a hill isnt fun in winter

    • Kerri fell last year on our path. Despite all the ample padding she carries around with her 🙂 it really put her off. I hate walking with her in the icy conditions. She is terrible as she clings so tightly to your arm that you end up walking lob sided. LOL She’s off to York Dungeon tomorrow with Day Care so I have warned them that from the moment they enter the door she’ll be like a limpet all the way round. (it’s pitch black in there!)

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