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Pictures of York.

K returned from her venture to York dungeon yesterday with some pics for you all. She took more, but I am not allowed to show those containing the other Day Care people for privacy reasons. So just a few I’m afraid.


I like this one simply because she has captured the fog so well,


As always there has to be a self portrait. (or should I say, self photo?)


Where’s that fridge magnet for my Mum? ( that I had given her a fiver for)

Guess Who?

Hmm. Wonder who this is?

Can you give me a hand?

We’d all love another pair of hands!


Another nice shot by the river. Her photos get better and better!


In fact this one is crying out for a ‘black and white’ makeover.


Again, nice shot of this bridge. She did attempt a panoramic shot of this, but it didn’t quite work. She puts my photo attempts to shame!


TG  Embarrassed smile

11 thoughts on “Pictures of York.

  1. er…did you ever get the fridge magnet? Always handy I find… 😉
    and I think those ‘hands’ could do with a manicure!! xPenx
    (Left a comment on Blogger too..but I do so love the foggy river scenes)

    • Penny yes although its somewhat similar to the one I already have for the York Dungeons from our previous visit. 🙂 I didn’t get any change though so it cost me £5 for a fridge magnet .My fridge is full of them, every where we visit I buy one.

  2. I do too! Love the river n fog scenes…the monster how cute! She is a doll and quite talented with the photography…England must be such a lovely place.
    BTW: I enjoyed your comments on Ravenwood…we love our family and friends, we are wealthy because of them.
    Smiles to you xx

    • Thanks Raven for your comment. I think that England (especially Yorkshire!) is wonderful. we have castles, ruins, Abbeys, the Yorkshire moors, I wouldn’t swop it for any where else.
      And thanks for the smiles!

    • Thanks Pat, but when you consider how hard I try to line up that perfect shot, take my time, etc, K just seems to aim and shoot and viola! She gets some wonderful shots almost as if by accident. I shall have to take lessons from her I suppose……

  3. Something quite eerie about the top shot… all the people seem to just be standing around waiting for something to happen. Hang on…K happened! lol looks as if she livened things up in the shops. Those hands are too realistic oooer don’t like them. I would love to be as photogenic as K, she looks good in every pic I have seen her in. If I look in the mirror I reckon I am ok but take a photo of the same and it is more like I have that mask on!

    • I totally agree Anne and worse, she suits hats as well! Damn! I always look the dogs dinner in a hat but try any type of hat on K and it looks good on her! I think I am going to buy her one of those hats with the two flaps hanging down each side this year, you know, that all the young un’s are wearing and look like a dog’s ears.

  4. I LOVE the black and white shot! The bridge photo is very nice as well. It reminds me of an old beautiful bridge that went to the farm land that my great Uncle owned. It looked a great deal like that, but was smaller and grey. Structurally it was very similar though, I always loved that bridge. We used to go there a lot when I was a kid. Sadly it’s no longer in the family. Still, I would love to day trip up that way sometime. If I am ever able I will take photos and share. 🙂

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