Tomorrow’s Jaunt.

We’re off on another jaunt tomorrow.  I will try to give some clues as to where we are heading but, it isn’t going to be easy to do without giving the game away. My long time readers (if I have any that is!) will probably get it straight away!

Here’s the first clue.

1. It’s in Yorkshire.  Open-mouthed smile

2. We’re going there by coach. Disappointed smile

3. We went there last year. Thinking smile

4. Here’s a picture of K last year at the same place. Laughing out loud

You can see the stall behind K here (and the blasted rain pouring down as well.

5. The plastic cups she is holding contain Hot Chocolate laced with Brandy and we will both be no doubt repeating tasting that  warming delightful drink  this time! In fact we might have quite a few!

Right, that’s enough clues I think. Smile

TG  No prizes I’m afraid for correct guesses, I am a pensioner after all! Open-mouthed smile