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Snowed In!

For the last two days we have not moved from this abode. K has been housebound.  No transport to take her to Day Care though as usual I was reminded that if I could get her there staff were in situ.  Hmm. Pity the helicopter’s being serviced isn’t it? So Tuesday I had the pleasure of hearing constant hassle to plod out regardless, call a taxi or sledge down on one of our tea trays  into the thick snow for some shopping. When I flatly refused, we had mutterings, grumbles, looks that could kill, and all born by me with a blatant resolve not to give in to the evil looks and curses made under the breath.

We have enough food in the freezer to tide us over for a few days at least! Tins of warming soup as last resort fall backs. Not only that, but being unable to go to Day Care meant that she was constantly ringing people up on her mobile, who I haven’t a clue!  Either that, or she has finally flipped and was talking to herself. Mind you, she did say that her horse Sally had rung her up asking where she was today.  Once she was certain that I wasn’t going to budge on the subject of exiting the door wearing two tennis rackets on my feet or with the rose covered tea tray in my hand, she promptly went to bed and fell asleep.

Let it snow let it snow

I confess, I did nearly waver at one point, when I thought I heard her sharpening the kitchen knives, but I was wrong as it turned out. There is no exercise class tomorrow, I received two phone  messages that it was cancelled. (they know that it takes some reminders to get it into my head!) but we might brave the elements and walk to one of the neighbourhood shops for some bits and pieces, if only to quieten her up from keep telling me that the forecast for tomorrow is wonderful.

Stepping foot outside

She is supposed to be going to respite on Friday, but whether the Access bus turns up or not is a moot point. I have prepared her for the eventuality that she might be lumbered with staying here with me for the duration.  I think that she simply won’t contemplate such an occurrence happening judging by the fixed stare I received when I warned her that she might not get there.  Now where’s that helicopter?


13 thoughts on “Snowed In!

  1. Well if Santa can manage getting round the whole world in one night snowy or not you can bet sure as Rudolphs nose is red that nothing is going to stop K’s world from turning! Shame Sally is not a racehorse, a talking horse would give great insider tips, then you could afford the helicopter, lol

    • Hmm. Looks like you and K would get on like a house on fire! We are off on a brave trek out tomorrow probably shod in our walking boots in the vain hope that they afford some kind of grip. Plus of course our thick socks. How we both will fare in this venture I haven’t a clue. As usual K will be clung onto my arm like a limpet. I will in all probability take the camera with me to capture it all.

  2. Lol, oh I do pity you! As I may have mentioned I am not keen on the white stuff 😦 luckily we don’t have as much as you do, but we seem to have a lot of ice, can it all go away no please?

    • It’s sort of frozen over here Karen. I love the snow! I’d rather have it than the rain to be honest with you, simply because it brightens everything up in these dark dismal winter months. Okay its a pain walking in it, but we aren’t car owners so it doesn’t bother us as much as it does those who are used to using the car to get around.

  3. Oh my it is bad when you can’t get out, keep lots of food and drink in supply and plenty of wood I say. I myself LOVE the snow. Do stay warm and enjoy. smiles xox

  4. Oh dear TG, I don’t envy you, and hope neither of you go ‘stir crazy’ with all that confinement. SOme people hate and some obviously love snow, I don’t mind it, when it’s on Christmas cards, or if it was nice and warm like cotton wool, but it’s the cold bit that dis-appeals [?] is that a word? to me. I’ve got some soup cooking nicely in the slow cooker, so if you get stuck, just holler.

    • I don’t mind it Arlene. As someone who has in the past suffered from depression (SAD) in winter, it helps to brighten the whole scene up and dispel that horrid winter darkness. Thanks for the soup offer, despite what K would have you believe we won’t starve. She is dragging me out today though!

  5. Oh Goodness TG you have got it bad I know how much K loves to get out and about. It must be pretty sad for her not to be able to attend The Day Centre. Oh did I see you are going out today , well you are both very brave. Or were you hoodwinked into it LOL. Like you said TG the snow does indeed brighten up the place and I know what you mean. The gloomy rainy days we encounted last Winter here did tend to get me down a bit. Its not too bad here its bright the air is fresh. Enjoy your day today one hand on K and the other on your shopping bag. I can just see it now. Take carex

  6. Hello TG, I hope that you have a safe journey if you do have to drag out (or should I say slip and slide?) This weather is lovely if you can sit warm and cosy somewhere inside ! We have only ventured out once, we had to get some more milk , I thought I had plenty but had not bargained for all the extra tea and hot chocolate I would be drinking ! The roads were VERY icy and it was not an enjoyable journey, unfortunately our village does not have a shop so we have to travel about 6miles to the nearest one. The only shop we did have closed about 2 years ago and it is now going to be an Indian Take-Away – where’s the logic in that?
    Hoping you and yours stay safe and warm. Hugs Marjie x

  7. When I was a youngster, I loved snow days. Stay in, play games, watch the snow, listen to the radio, hear the wind blow and there was always the book to read or look at.

    Then I’ve also been in snows of over 2 meters. Wasn’t a youngster then, had operate a shovel and do some digging. We ended up with nice canyons to walk through.

    Enjoy the snow, look for the deer with the red nose.

    • Yes John, same here! Those were winters to write home about! Digging your way out of the house, when you could jump into six foot high drifts! What fun we use to have. Nearly every child had some sort of sledge. ( I can remember the runners on ours were rusty) Our schools were a walk away and the teachers used to usually live nearby so even when it was really deep, we were expected to attend.
      It didn’t cause the chaos it does today because today everyone has to drive to school, shops or work. In those days they were all a walking distance away but that’s progress for you!

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