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Stir Crazy!

Remind you of any painting?

Look Familiar?


TG  (Reminder to self. Miss the whole thing out next year by hibernating around October and not emerging until March.)

10 thoughts on “Stir Crazy!

    • So do I Karen. Every year I say the same thing! Every year I forget all about it! Buy in enough food stocks in Autumn to last out (well, that one’s difficult when you live with a Gannet but hey! I can but try!) and then don’t venture out again until Spring! The squirrels have the right idea!
      Do the Christmas present buying in summer when you can waltz around each town or city dressed in thin outfits. Yes!

  1. now let me see!!… yup, screaming … but you look much nicer!!
    and I think we all have problems with our memories, very selective it seems to me!! What’s this white stuff again?

    • Strangely enough, when I did that post stood at the bus stop (freezing) I didn’t think at all of that painting, it wasn’t until I saw it on my computer that I thought ‘Hmm, it reminds me of something’ Penny, my brains frozen over I think. Love your new poem by the way….

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