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He’s Back!


It’s that time of year again, when he shows his face

Standing in the window in his usual place

Looking oh so jolly wearing a huge big smile

Welcoming all those shoppers who loiter for a while

And every year I say the same as I take my usual shot

My take a look K at how big his tummy’s got!

He must spend all the rest of the year near where the food is stored

Eating all those pies and cakes so that he doesn’t get bored.

Because every year I’m sure his tummy’s had to grow

So here’s my usual shot of him standing in the window

I see he's back and fatter than ever!


14 thoughts on “He’s Back!

  1. Whewww! I thought you were going to post a pic of me in my boxer/briefs the way you describes this jolly man! ::Seth wipes sweat from brow::

    • The guy breaks into your house, steals your food and is allowed to shout ” H0, Ho, Ho,” three times around children… and he gets away with that??? What’s up with that? I do that, I get arrested!? Uuugh! 🙂

    • I know, but the cake shops Santa just keeps getting larger and larger every year. I am waiting for the year when he no longer fits in the window. It will arrive soon I think.

    • Thanks Arlene, we do need lifting. Where I’m not quite sure but with all the cuts and having to ‘pull our belts in’ (why is it always the less well off that have to do that I wonder?’ we do need that jolly face smiling at us.

  2. ah yes, who ate all the pies?…Santa Did!!!! Do you think he’ll blow up one of these days…TG? … Maybe Mrs Santa’ll put him on a strict diet…’cos poor ole Rudolph must be feeling the pressure!! Good poem there too….xPenx

    • Thanks Penny, mine are not a patch on any of yours. I always begin well whenever I try to rhyme but find it harder and harder to either rhyme and also make any sense as the sentences grow.

      • I sometimes sit for ages, and even then I’m not happy with some I’ve done… Some come easily, and some are like drawing teeth…(Argh!! going to the dentist tomorrow…yikes…almost forgot!!) but saying that, I suppose one thing I do, er…do, is find words which rhyme and start from there if I’m at all stuck I sometimes enter a question in the browser search engine, for example… ‘what rhymes with Frost’ and take it from there… 😀
        Warmest wishes to you.TG… xPenx

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