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Temperate thoughts.

I recently ventured out in the cold clothed in several layers consisting of a short sleeved t-shirt, a long sleeved t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a fleece and finally my fleece lined outer coat. On my feet I had two pairs of socks and some warm fleece line boots. On my head, in order to help contain any heat therein , my knitted hat.  On my hands a pair of gloves. Despite the multitude of layers I still ended up shivering. The cold was biting into my cheeks and face and was slowly seeping through all those layers to my skin, and then my bones.

As we quickly made our way to the bus station on our way home a young man passed by. On his feet, some sneaker type shoes. A pair of jeans hanging down around his torso as if ready to part company from his thin wiry frame and fall to the floor. I spied some bare flesh at the knees through those tears that seem all the rage in jeans these days. Above the low slung jeans and the peeping undergarments, he wore a thin sweatshirt with a hood.  The hood was not atop his head which was bare and uncovered. 

Admittedly he was walking by fairly quickly, more quickly than I can move these days, but I must confess to wondering how the young can get away with dressing as if we are in the middle of summer with the sun streaming down and all the warmth that brings, in such low temperatures and not seem to feel it at all, whilst I with my layer upon layer of clothing end up in some frozen through state?

Casting my mind back ( or trying to) to when I was that age, was I able to venture out in thin clothes in the depths of winter and not feel the cold? Could I leave the house in a thin dress or coatless in those days of carefree jaunts either with friends or a boyfriend?  I can vaguely remember coming out of our local coffee bar and then feeling faint because I had gone from those warm surroundings into the bitter cold of the night. I didn’t faint as it happened because I’m not the fainting sort, I have never fainted in my whole life,  but the resulting horrid feeling that you endure without losing consciousness can be far worse I feel, but I digress.

I simply don’t understand why as you age and get older, the cold simply ‘soaks’ itself into your very being like water soaking into blotting paper, penetrating all those layers of clothing and then through skin to bone and into your very soul. It takes so long for me to return to some sort of temperature normality after returning home because it has penetrated right through to my inner being.  Perhaps when young you can retain heat better or are warmer blooded than when you are older or maybe you simply cope with it better or  are just thicker skinned.  I ponder this enigma every year. Sad I know.


21 thoughts on “Temperate thoughts.

  1. Not sad at all… 😉 … I’ve wondered this TG, only yesterday walking behind a young girl wearing a short skirt and light jacket, admittedly she was wearing boots but…strewth… so I just googled..and got this answer….
    I know I used to be the same, wearing as little as possible…but add a few years and you get sensible…at least I hope so…and as for the fashion of ‘dropped jeans’ I despair I truly do, it reminds me of nappies that haven’t been put on correctly… but they swagger so much as if ‘ look at me I’m living on the edge of danger, they could drop any minute!!!!’
    A wonderful Christmas Wish to you and yours TG… and may 2011 be a good year… xPenx

  2. I’m quite lucky as I don’t feel the cold that badly. I’ll bung on a coat and that’s about it. My TG says I must be cold blooded …….. or was it cold hearted? ……. and my memory’s fine as well ……

  3. Oh I too have wondered this, my g-dau wears jeans and two shirts and a fleece…I cringe at this. My son doesn’t wear a hat or gloves to shovel the snow. I go out dressed like a fluff ball, layers and everything covered. I look hilarious much to my family and friends, laughter but I am warm. LOL
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the New Year be filled with all the good things.

  4. TG I kid you not I wear that much to go to bed! and a leccie blanket. Since this cold spell has started I’ve been permanently cold despite the usual undies then a vest with sleeves two jumpers a fleece a coat scarf hat gloves two pairs tights one pair socks and two pairs of trousers and of course fleece lined boots I truly kid you not it’s a wonder my little 5′ 0″ 112lb frame can stand. I too wonder how in my teenage years I could go out in a skirt (not allowed to wear trews ) jacket and toeless high heels and THAT was in Scotland. As you say you get older you feel it more I think the body just becomes transparent. Good interesting post.

    • You sound exactly like me Arlene! I can’t seem to get warm either. Scotland! When we paid my eldest son a visit in October one year, I didn’t get warm all the time I was up there! Thanks for the comment.

  5. I also wonder about the people who wear too many clothes in good weather – why do they not get too hot? I assume that there is a lot of individual variation in “clothing tolerance”, as well as being dependent on age and also past conditioning. I knew a couple of people who dressed in shorts and tee-short all year round, with bear feet or jandals (perhaps not possible in England!)

    • Hmm, like the sound of the bear feet Pat! You can buy slippers like that. Well, those who wear too many clothes in summer are usually the one’s you hear constantly moaning that ‘It’s too hot! I can ‘t stand it!’ etc etc. I know which one I would rather be though out of the two temperatures, too hot or too cold, I’d rather be too hot!

  6. Was it because when we were younger we were rebels and if our parents told us to put a coat on we just did the opposite. We also knew that none of our mates would dress for the weather & we didn’t want to be the one that stood out with sensible coat, wooly hat and gloves on. Quite often as we ventured around in sub zero temperatures with hardly anything on we felt the cold but were not going to admit it, especially to our parents.
    Now, old age & common sense go together. We don’t care what we look like or how many layers we wear – as long as we are warm! We try to pass this good advice on to the youngsters, but to no avail.

    • You have summed it all up for me in one comment Mike and of course you have hit the nail on the head. When younger its all about looking good, being in fashion, not standing out in your crowd of friends. If you are frozen to the bone you carefully disguise it by moving from side to side as if to the latest music, hands in hip hugging jeans, you look cool and you are cool. More than cool! I recall my youngest going out on a freezing night out in just a thin shirt. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he had ended up with hypothermia but, you can’t tell em!

  7. Ye, it’s definitely getting tougher for me as I get older and I do feel the cold more… my bones do get a bit creaky in cool weather. Plus, the older I get the more I hate shoveling snow.
    It’s not all funny to watch the young adults/teens experience our cold weather here. One can’t help but shake their heads at them. They admit they are freezing but refuse to wear a coat because it’s not a ‘cool’ image!?!?? Kids may think they are invincible, mostly due to ignorance and a lack of having any experience with anything common-sense oriented. Most of the younger generation is so convinced they are superior in every way to us. Even when spouting the most utter nonsense with deep conviction, they will not listen to something with which we may have had experience for decades. At this point, I believe they’ll either learn or they won’t.
    Someday they will run our country…

    • Doesn’t bare thinking about Seth does it? Did we listen to our elders though? I certainly did most of the time. I would have got a ‘clip around the earhole’ if I hadn’t done! 🙂

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