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Where did yesterday go?

I don’t know what happened yesterday. I spent the whole day in some kind of stupor. Having done our Christmas shopping the night before ( at midnight no less!) in a  vain attempt at trying to avoid the crowds, I could have sworn we had purchased every available item in Yorkshire. Peering in both the fridge and freezer confirmed this, but ‘the boss’ was still insisting that we had ‘this and that’ still to buy. Some kind of sherry I think called something Hall and a packet of crisps she desperately must have to add to the vast amount we’ve already bought. Granted I was very tired. It was 01.05am before we had finished siding all of our midnight purchases and had finally managed to fall into bed.

So why was I stood at the bus stop on my way to Bradford the following morning? I know I was there because I took a photo of the boss smiling happily as we waited for the bus to arrive. I also took one of the sky as well. Why? Because it contained a plane which had obviously managed to take off.

Snow BearSomeone managed to take off

The next thing I remember was being stood in the queue for the auto tills at Morrison’s supermarket in Bradford. There are four auto tills but as usual  one of them was broken and there were about six thousand of us stood queuing with our few purchases. (well perhaps a slight exaggeration but the time we spent stood waiting to go through them it certainly felt like it.)  We had just three items in our basket. A bottle of Sherry, a large packet of crisps and a bottle of Asti Spumante sparkling wine. We had journeyed all this way for three items. I also took a photo of the Christmas tree stood in the middle of Bradford Interchange so we must have walked through there at some point in the days proceedings though I don’t remember it.

Bradford Interchange

Next thing I was conscious of  we were entering Sainsbury’s in our little town. There was a brass band playing Christmas carols in the entrance next to the Christmas tree. Not that I actually SAW them but I took a photo (or someone did!)  so they must have been there. I vaguely recall K being given a handful of chocolates as we entered from Santa Claus who was hovering conveniently in the entrance area as you walked in. Thinking only of my spreading waistline I refused one. She couldn’t care less if she looked like Tweedledum and Tweedledee combined. 

What on earth were we doing here? I thought we bought absolutely the whole of West Yorkshire last night? Some bottles of Beck for youngest son, yet another bottle of Asti for his girlfriend, some profiteroles for the buffet, a calorie laden pudding that looked absolutely gorgeous and that I foolishly admired when I spied it on the shelf  (mustn’t have been entirely unconscious then!) appeared in my basket before we managed to hit the checkout. 

A Merry Xmas BandSanta's Helper in Sainsbury's

Next thing I knew we were  sat in Witherspoons drinking wine ( not a very good idea when you are already in a stupor) and I was sat trying vainly to eat a Beef Casserole. K had some kind of Wrap, can’t remember what but I did take a photo of it, so perhaps you may be able to recognise it. Then I found myself carrying a basket in Tesco’s next! What was this?  A ‘let’s see how  many supermarkets we can shop in in one day!’ Quest? I don’t remember what was purchased in Tesco’s. By now I was still upright and walking but my mind was completely numb and my brain was obviously back at home laid on my pillow.

She's at it again!

We arrived home with bags stuffed with items I didn’t know we needed and all had to be somehow accommodated inside our already bulging fridge and freezer ( quite how people manage with small fridges I haven’t a clue) and after very careful management, accompanied by some choice cursing, we achieved it. I finally collapsed into a chair and tried to get my head around the day. Trouble is the shops are still open tomorrow……….

TG Confused smile

29 thoughts on “Where did yesterday go?

  1. My Goodness TG that is so funny !! Are you sure you were not following me around ? Tunnelling around in my various cupboards, fridges and freezers I have discovered that I have to go out again today because I have completely forgotten the simple things such as eggs and tea, now in our house having no cups of tea would bring on massive withdrawal symptoms, so it is on with the ton of warm clothing to hit the shops again – heaven only knows what else I will discover I MUST have.
    I wish you and your family a really great Christmas.
    Love & Hugs Marjie xx

  2. HI TJ,
    I think there’s some sort of Gremlin about at Christmas, which takes away any sense we had (not a lot in my case) and replaces it with a wish for anything and everything that’s there for the buying….Oh yes…must have pickled chestnuts!! can’t do without them!! (Yuk!!) and what about a lit up giant statue of Rudolph for the hallway? er…no…even I wouldn’t go that far!! (methinks!! ‘cos as you say, there’s still today to dash out and get that ‘must have!!’ ) ….The countdown begins..and everyone’s fridge,freezer,larder and cupboard must be groaning in agony..(much like us after we’ve eaten it all!! 😉 )
    Merry Christmas, Hope you’ve recovered…..xPenx…

    • Yes Pen, its out of the supermarket shelves, into the fridge/freezer then into our groaning tummies! As we all purchase like there’s no tomorrow and as if our lives depended on it, I always think of those poor people in the world who would be happy with a crumb or a clean drink of water.
      Merry Christmas to you Penny

  3. Laughed myself silly reading your description of your outing. It sounds all too familiar. Thankfully we are exempt here from Christmas shopping, but I remember those days from my previous life as a Yank.

    Have a wonderful holiday and stay warm!

  4. I kind of believe that shopping for a woman is very much like therapy. Sometimes, they don’t even know that they need it, it provides them an outlet to just ‘get out and about’. Women like doing something leisurely and relaxing. Same reason men like sports. Not all women like shopping, not all men like sports.
    I am a guy, and I know that I used to blame women for credit car bills and stuff, but everyone should know that a guy also enjoys shopping and going to spend well earned money on something we have always wanted. The difference is – A man will spend 3X what an item is worth because he “needs” it. A woman will buy an item she has no use for, because it is on sale! Bwahahaha! Fell free to correct me if I am wrong. 🙂

    • Well I’m strange then Seth because I absolutely hate shopping whether for food etc or for clothes. In fact I hardly ever go clothes shopping at all, and I certainly don’t find shopping ‘relaxing’ I usually end up with my head spinning. I must be strange.

      • Sounds like you hate shopping as much as I hate laundry, but hey, we have to do it, right? Yeah, well, my wallet is so light, I have no choice but to carry it in my back pocket so I can sit my arse on it to keep it from flying away. Uuugh!

  5. We popped out for few ‘last minute’ items today, I think there were four on the list. I’m not sure what happened but the two jumbo carrier bags we took out with us were crammed on the way home …… oh well.

    Have a lovely time over the holiday season and don’t allow yourself to be ‘bossed’ around too much!

    • I’ll try not to but if you try to be firm, or say ‘no’ she puts that sweet angelic face on (or worse, pouts and looks daggers) that you succumb in the end. Sigh. I am terrified to look at the bank statement. Just hoping there’s something left at the end of it all. She’ll be dragging me in again on Boxing Day (yes, they are open!) Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas DP and TG as well, don’t eat too many gingernuts!

  6. Hi TG! A VERY Merry Christmas to you and yours…

    and to all your friends here.

    I have been going over my collection of Christmasy things (in a series of leaps and short hops) and I have selected three I wanted most especially to share.
    From Father Knows Best comes their Christmas show from 1950. Jim Anderson (Robert Young) tells their annual Christmas story (and reminds us not to “look in the hobgoblin’s mirror”) from Our Miss Brooks starring Eve Arden comes “The Magic Christmas Tree”) and, finally, something I listen to every year: Dylan Thomas reading his autobiographical sketch “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”.
    Hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do—and I hope, too, that they remind you of the “magic” of Christmas. Look for my folder of three christmas stories at the following location on my skydrive:

    and have a great Christmas!

  7. I seen it…. it loops over the top knot and holds a cam corder. walking in a stupor, take a movie while walking.

    That beer n burger sure looks good… will it still be there next week?

  8. Very funny description.
    My wife rang from the supermarket on Christmas Eve. I explained that we didn’t need anything at all – but it was a waste of words. I helped her carry up and unpack the seven new bags of groceries…

    • I wouldn’t enter them at all Pat if I had my way. Those cavernous trolleys that scream out to be filled, the crowds of fed up and angry looking shoppers. how I wish we could return to the lovely small corner shop where every purchase was behind the counter and you received that personal touch!

    • Exactly and what does it all matter anyway? We’ll find out after we leave this mortal coil no doubt but of course we can not tell anyone because we are no longer here……….( cripes I’ve confused myself now!) :}

  9. Well TG it’s my updates that are disappearing, I only picked this up this evening, what a pity, but I hope your Christmas ended up all nice and in apple pie order, with K feeling she had everything she needed, or thought she did. LOL I’m glad I haven’t got anyone to shop for or please any more, just me, I’m lucky as my daughters look after my needs.

  10. Before you ring out the old and ring in the new when the mid-nite bell rings on December 31st, I just wanted to leave you a brief message to wish you in 2011… Happiness, Success, Peace, Hope and Togetherness with your Family and Friends. Wishing you a very…very…very prosperious 2011.
    Cheers to a New Year … and another chance for us to get it right!
    —> http://i54.tinypic.com/2a61qa9.gif

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