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I wonder what this year will bring?

I planned to do a post about my new year’s resolutions.  I always vow to loose weight, be nicer to everyone, stop getting annoyed with other people in the supermarket or walking on the pavement, to be more helpful and kind to others, to do the ironing straight away instead of ignoring it until its piled sky high, to exercise more, I could go on and on, and I did toy with the idea that if I placed all of my resolutions in this blog where others could see them, then maybe I might keep to them.  But now this blog has ended up being about something entirely different.

Last year ended in rather a strange way even for me. For on the day before New Year’s Eve, I spent nearly all day taking part in and experiencing things I had never ever experienced before.  In a strange way its all about one of my favourite subjects, new technology.  Dressed in a fetching cross over blue gown with ties, and headphones playing some sixties music, I journeyed down a narrow tube whilst laid on a bed.  In my right arm, a cannula, in my left hand a switch to press. I entered into the tube head first.

The headphones playing ‘Standing in the Shadows of Love’ and other well love favourites of the sixties in my ears might just as well have been playing gobbledygook for all the use it was. I couldn’t hear any of it for the racket from the machine. I had my eyes tightly closed despite the fact that I don’t get claustrophobic. I didn’t want to know just how enclosed I was. Or how similar it felt to being in a coffin.  Had they not said I would only be about twenty minutes? It seemed like I had been there, listening to the hums, thumps and throbs for hours.

At last I felt movement and emerged out of the tube. Praises were given.  My gown remained on and my cannula stayed put for I had another new experience to come.  Sat for an hour drinking some aniseed flavoured water from a plastic cup every quarter of an hour until a full litre had been drunk .  Into another room and another bed, another machine, I was raised higher once laid down, into this machine legs first,  a notice above as I enter stating emphatically  ‘do not look at the laser’ or some such. 

This one spins around and I tightly close my eyes.  The bed moves forward. I keep deathly still.

“Breath in and hold!” a voice says.  I comply, eyes squeezed tight, hoping it will tell me when to breath again. It does.  A nurse comes and injects something into the cannula.  I feel hot. Hot all over. Burning as if someone has set me on fire.  A horrid taste enters my mouth. I don’t like this experience.  “Breath in and hold!” a voice says. I comply.  The burning slowly passes. The taste goes away.  It’s finished. I am helped off the bed.  I dress. The cannula is removed.

Ending the year with new experiences and new technology.  It was interesting to say the least, though not one of my favourite adventures.  I wonder what this year will bring?


30 thoughts on “I wonder what this year will bring?

  1. Good heavens hope you are ok! Saw K in Tesco yesterday getting shopping and taking photos, shes a lovely girl

  2. That is a most awful feeling, when you go headfirst into that tunnel, I had to have it when |I slipped a couple of discs, it makes you feel quite out of control. \I hope there is nothing actuallly, really wrong, or maybe you just did it for the experience!!

    • Well, you know my philosophy Arlene, try everything at least once. I don’t normally like to post about personal health issues which is why I was reluctant with this one, but it’s on my mind so thought if I put it down on paper (so to speak)

    • I just wish they would. Must be something about my face that encourages everyone to instantly think, ‘I’m not moving/altering my path. budging an inch!’ because its always me that has to alter course.

  3. I have often observed that “it ain’t always easy to be eccentric” but, Technogranny, you carry the proposition TOO FAR!!!

    Undergoing medical procedures is NOT the way one inaugurates a New Year. Please refrain from such alarming diversions in the future!

    • I wasn’t exactly in the new year Cass, sort of nearly out of the old. It ended with these new experiences, and I will have another one to undergo soon in this new year, that’s for sure. thanks for the comments everyone.

  4. Here’s a weird thing. The name I log in with “shadowcass” is not linked to my wordpress blog.
    THAT url is http://cassofgod.wordpress.com/
    And most recently I’ve been maundering about Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers because I got to wondering just what had happened to “Mr. Twist” as Tony Sheridan was known in those long ago days (I already knew what had happened to “The Beat Brothers”) and it was kind of a fun excursion down memory lane. But since no one can click my id “shadowcass” and get to my blog how do I GET them there, I wonder?

  5. I hope it was just for the experience of trying out new tech, TG, but of course ’twasn’t
    ‘cos who’d go through that if they didn’t have to…Scary!! … I hope the New Year brings you full health and good results from the tests!! Take care you, or else I’ll send Bess around!! xPenx
    (I don’t make NY resolutions, then I don’t break any.. 🙂 )

  6. I hope this year will be much better for both of you. I have been reading some of your previous entries and I must say, you two certainly have experienced a variety of adventures over the past year, good and otherwise… had no idea you had gone through so much. They say that God never gives us more than we can handle, but in the same train of thought, you both deserve some good fortune after everything you’ve been through.
    Don’t go losing too much weight, we wouldn’t want you to disappear from us. 🙂

  7. The only thing that links to my gravatar is my email address and that hasn’t changed. I see no way to link the gravatar to my blog.

    • um except that by clicking my new image you seem to be directed to my profile and not to the old site. And there IS a link THERE to my new blog.

      “Man proposes but Van Gogh disposes” as they say.

      • I get it now…click the “Starry Night” image and you get my profile and the link to my new blog. Clicking “shadowcass” takes you to the closed down website.
        They need to clean this up.

  8. I Can only wish you the best of health for 2011 TG , that sure does dound scary. Take care and good luck with the weight loss , hope all the results are good for you.

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