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Against All Odds.

Every year without fail I make a new year’s resolution to diet. I it did again this year as I did last year. How successful was I? Well I am now nearly a stone heavier at the beginning of this year compared to last.  I try really hard honest!  But I am up against it. Eating influences come wafting my way every minute of the day. I should be stronger in will. Firmer in resolution. Go shopping alone. Wear headphones or earplugs. Not be swayed by those pleading eyes, and persuasive tone of voice.  Will I manage it this year?  What do you think? Sigh………

Can we have? shrek2


21 thoughts on “Against All Odds.

  1. I think you should just relax, and not fret about putting on weight. Every time I see a photo of you with your lovely smile, you look wonderful , (loved the fluffy hatted one… um.. there was a fluffy hatted one wasn’t there?) .and you’re always on the move, here there and everywhere with K … I know we’re advised to lose weight and stay healthy but you know, I had a friend who felt the same, she lost weight and she looks terrible now, her face has thinned and she’s aged (wouldn’t dare tell her tho’ …shhh! keep the secret!!) , so please just cut down slightly, AND …guess what? I’m saying all this to me too, ‘cos I have put on a few pounds, (who can resist Christmas stuff?) and need more exercise, so maybe I’m just self serving eh..?
    AND I just love those two pictures of comparison, nope …you have no chance… 😉

    • Yes you can understand why I find it so difficult Pen! I let her do the shopping today (I was shadowing her) and it was amazing the amount of crisps etc that were in the trolley as we arrived at the checkout! Mind you, she has been suffering from ‘crisp withdrawal symptoms’ by continually talking in a very loud voice to herself which has driven me to distraction, so there’s some swings and roundabouts involved.

      • hope the swings and roundabouts have sorted themselves out TG, and things are on a even keel . I was on a munching Pringles regime over Christmas, oooh, innit great to just let go, but then it’s the aftermath we have to contend with.!! … These dark days are designed to make us want comfort food… xx

  2. It’s not easy TG as I’ve got older I find it so easy to turn food into fat, but not so easy to get it off again, I’m about 5lbs heavier than this time last year, though I haven’t changed my eating habits, they just don’t make calories like they used to. ,they’re pumped up or something. Good luck to you though

    • I know what you mean Arlene! I used to be the envy of all the other girls because I could devour a huge plate of fish and chips AND a teacake at dinner time at work and not put on an ounce, whereas now, I just have to look at a bar of chocolate to pile on the pounds! It’s not fair!

  3. For now, relax and enjoy the extra weight. They help insulate one from the cold wind known as Euroclydon (or, “Euro” to his friends and fans),
    Diet in the Spring….

    • Hmm. You and K sound so similar its uncanny! It’s a wonder she hasn’t mentioned this to me! Usually its ‘you need cheering up!’ or ‘let’s get drunk!’ or some such….. mind you, isn’t this why our Mum’s always made those good old dumplings and suet puddings in winter to ‘line us’ against the cruel winter? ( a bit like blubber on a seal.)

  4. I was under the weather at Christmas, and missed all the goodies. Recovering now, I’m getting cravings. The latest is for a Smashburger. Fairly safe there, as I don’t think you can get them this side of The Pond!
    Happy New Year to you and K, Sandra.

  5. In case you folks in the less blessed realms of Earth are wondering about “smashburgers” (and “smashchicken sandwiches” which sounds rather like a road-kill special) among other gastronomic delights you can investigate at http://www.smashburger.com/ you’ll notice that the “smashburger” itself runs between three and four pounds—or would if you could get it over there.

    But don’t feel bad…we can’t get them here in Minnesota either. We have to drive to Fargo, North Dakota (the movie FARGO was filmed in Minnesota so you might get confused—especially when you realize that the short-lived “Happy Town” series about the (hopefully fictional) town of Haplin, Minnesota were filmes in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. This is known as “movie magic.”

    ANYWAY, from Minneapolis, Minnesota (where I live) to Fargo, North Dakota is around 240 miles no matter which road you take and driving time is roughly four hours assuming the traffic is just zipping along (which it never does) so you need to leave here about five hours before you get hungry to be sure you make it on time. OR you could invest in a plane ticket. A round trip ticket will cost you around 270 pounds if you take an economy flight.
    This makes the “smashburger” just a little pricey.
    Me, I’d stay home and visit McDonald’s…

  6. Holy Moly, with those eyes, who could ever say anything but “Yes Dear.” 🙂 Priceless snapshot, worth a thousand plus words!

  7. Coming back to have a’nose’ TG and it’s lovely to see all your supportive comments, As the general run of thread is, don’t worry about the weight, the more you do the more you might eat for comfort. One of the best tricks is put your dinner on two plates one smaller, and when you eat the bigger one, the choice is then yours if you wish to eat the other, and I bet with a little bit of self discipline, you won’t, so bin it, it’s just the same as having eaten it, as you say My stomach is not a dustbin.

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