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Meet up at Noon.

We arrange to meet at noon. Outside the Central Library to be more precise. She sets off to Day Care. She didn’t want to forgo the mornings dancing class. In order to keep to the noon meet up, I have to catch the 10. 56 am bus. As is usual whenever you are running to a strict timetable of sorts, whenever you have an appointment to keep, when time is of the essence, the bus was late. Nearly ten minutes late.  At least I hadn’t forgotten anything. Letter, camera, mobile phone (that’s a first!) bus pass, purse and my watch strapped firmly on my left wrist.

There seemed  to be a passenger waiting to get on the bus at every bus stop. The road seemed  unusually busy and clogged with traffic. We seemed to crawl into the bus station. I looked at my watch.  Half of the town’s residents ambled slowly onto the bus like a line of snails. The other half crawled on at the next stop. I looked at my watch. We stopped at every stop to either allow a passenger to get on or allow one to get off.  I looked again at my watch. Time was ticking away.

The young girl on the seat in front was gazing down at the screen of one of her mobile phones. She had two. One in each hand. She shuffled sideways and placed a booted foot on the seat at the side of her. I wondered if she had paid for two seats. Her bag was placed on the other seat as well as her booted foot.  A young man sat on the opposite seat to me, he looked about seventeen, had nodded off. Must be tiring work all this studying at college I thought to myself. I looked again at my watch.  We picked up another passenger at the top of the hill before dropping down the steep incline into Elland.  I would have to ring her if I was late.

The girl in front had long hair. It was draped over the grab rail at the top of her seat. It occurred to me that if the driver suddenly braked and I had to grab the rail, I would probably end up  pulling her hair. I wondered what she would do and whether it would cause her to  look up from the screen of her mobile phone. She was still busy gazing down at either one phone screen or the other. Nearly everyone seems to spend their entire time gazing down at a mobile phone screen these days, with fingers buzzing around it as they text. Either that or they are have wires sprouting from their ears.  Sometimes its both.  I look at my watch.

Surely we can move quickly along this stretch of straight road I think to myself but no, we are foiled by a tanker joining the traffic at the junction and moving at a snails pace in front of us until he finally pulls into a garage to deliver his load.  We slowly chug up the hill, crawl into town, every set of traffic lights at red, I check my watch for what must be the thousandth time.  At last I finally ring the bell and make my way forward to the door.

“Thank you!” I utter to the driver as I step down onto the pavement and hurry onto the Library. I look at my watch. Five minutes to! I am on time! An elderly lady with two shopping bags at her side is sat on the bench in front of the Library.  I notice her because of her unusual hat.  As I stand waiting, she gets up from the bench and saunters past me. She comes to a standstill on my right and after placing both bags at her feet she peers over the road as if looking for someone.  She continues to stare across the road for a good five minutes before picking up her bags and returning to the bench from which she came. She sits back down.

I spy the grey vehicle finally turning the corner. It’s the day care car. Her eager face can be seen peering out of the nearside window and she waves at me,  so I make my way across the street to collect her.  Despite all those seemingly insurmountable odds, I did arrive here first.  I am firmly resolute though that the rest of our days journey will definitely be made on foot!


13 thoughts on “Meet up at Noon.

  1. glad you made it on time TG as |K would have been cross at you if you hadn’t, but though you were a bit tense on your journey, just think that you had the privilege of observing the wonderful advancement of the human race since we came down from the trees, makes you wonder why we bothered. All human life is on the 10.56 am bus is it not.

    • Your right Arlene, so right! I do get tense if I have an appointment with someone, its one of my worst traits I’m afraid. Drive myself potty when wearing a watch as well, and it would have been preferable if I had forgotten to put it on….

  2. I’m the same with appointments, early or on time…never late. So I’m usually very, very early, and waiting about…but better than the other option of being late…Anathema..
    You’re a great people watcher and describer TG, you know I’m now wondering about the woman in the strange hat, is she still sitting there and waiting?….and the girl with two mobiles…has she lost one or perhaps went past her stop, too busy number crunching on a piece of coloured plastic? (I would have been so tempted to tie her hair round the rail.. 😉 )
    Glad you made it in time to meet K though… time…you can’t feel it, see it, stop it but it rules our lives. xPenx

    • Your so right Penny, one of my favourite sayings (especially to my youngest) is ‘time waits for no man’ though I do think that time tends to be relative. When we are young, it goes by so slowly but when we are older it seems to fly by.

  3. High Noon—– Was a shoot em up cowboy show from years ago.
    So they didn’t have to catch the 10:56 bus to make it at high noon.

  4. I’m usually always early for appointments. Today I had to be somewhere and had to wait for almost half an hour because I was way too early. Then again, there are times that I just manage to get to where I need to be, with having less then a minute or two to spare. Uuugh!
    I like to be relaxed before a doctor sees me and I like to feel organized before a meeting begins. Plus, it allows time for any unforeseen events which may delay me, and also for those “oh, s***!!!” moments when I forget something and have to backtrack. If I was late for something, it’d be stressful on me. It would screw up my whole day. But hey, I would have an excuse to be miserable…. not that I really need an excuse. 🙂

    • I am exactly the same Seth which explains why I do tend to get so tense about it. I hate being late! Dashing down the platform just as the train door are closing? Running to the bus stop just as the bus is drawing away? You can keep it! Which is why I can’t understand my youngest son who seems to love to be late for just about everything…

  5. It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us. Here’s hoping that you will make the most of the next few days, make them count! Enjoy your weekend Wonderful … looking forward to your next entry.

  6. I felt as if I was with you on this journey. Have you noticed that, even when you leave plenty of time for a journey, the world appears to conspire to slow you down. Everybody else seems to want to come on your journey and all the traffic lights seem to see you coming & turn red.
    I was struck with your description of two of your fellow travellers. I wonder why that young man was asleep? Part of you almost wants to wake him up and ask him. As for the young lady with two mobile phones, all I can say is I’m impressed. I find it difficult coping with just one. And as for their finger dexterity – I just watch in awe (and a little jealousy)

    • Unless its just that because you need to be somewhere at a certain time you notice it more. I know this, when I’m journeying on a bus and don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time, the bus does not seem to stop at every stop, the traffic is light and the bus is never late……

      • I was thinking about you the other day when I was driving behind a bus and I was remembering a long time ago when I used to take the public transit/bus. Not so sweet memories. I could never understand it when all the seats are full and someone has a bag on the seat next to them… but won’t move it because they think they’re too good to have anyone else sit next to them. Oh and, what also get’s me mad is when you are sitting next to someone who is listening to lousy music full blast through cheap headphones, that let all the sound leak out. Uuugh! Never less, I do hope that your week is off to a good start.

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