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View from my kitchen window.

Two separate mornings, two different skies, an ever changing landscape of different colours and effects to watch from my kitchen window as I do the washing up.

Frosty,sunny and misty

Frosty cold and misty with clear blue skies.

A Frosty morning

Still frosty and cold but with a sky peppered with tiny fluffs of clouds.

What is it?

And one from K who went dashing out of the door in her pajamas the other night in order to capture a full (and frosty) moon.


12 thoughts on “View from my kitchen window.

  1. Nice to compare the two photo’s TG, misty morns’ always make for atmospheric touches to the senses. Maybe K was so one track minded (full moon wise) she didn’t feel the cold, or maybe she moved faster than the chilled air… 😉 xPenx

  2. I agree with Marjie here, what a super view from your window, it’s something I’ve always wanted, a view from on high, \\\loved the pics, but \i can empathise with the weather , it’s been damn cold here too. \\lovely clear moon shot. Got fat fingers to-night.

  3. The full moon photo is gorgeous—but it’s just as well y’all don’t live here in Minnesota. On Thursday Night HERE the wind chill was -28 C. Poor K in her pyjimjams wouldn’t have thawed out until Spring!!! 🙂

    • That’s just it Pat. I have had to buy her one of these cameras that stops shutter shake because she moves it when taking a shot, so that moon shot was good to say she was probably shivering with cold. She was only outside for a few moments as well.

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