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A frosty walk along the Canal.

I’ve been on a walk this morning with Heartbeat along the canal towards Halifax. Beginning at the The Colliers Arms on Elland Road, we made our way to the canal towpath where we enjoyed a fairly long walk past the Watermill Inn at the bottom of Salterhebble Hill. After journeying under the road we then turned around and retraced our footsteps back to the Colliers Arms where we had a very enjoyable lunch before all returning home.  I didn’t take many photos, it was quite nippy so I wanted to keep my gloves on, and in addition we were walking at rather a brisk pace to keep warm.  Enjoy the photos of our walk.

Setting off

In this shot we are just setting off on our walk along the canal towpath. It’s used not only by walkers but also cyclists and owners walking their dogs. (watch your step!)

A ruined flour mill

Apparently this used to be a Flour Mill when the canal was the main method of distributing goods everywhere in the United Kingdom. I loved the two arches.

Under the Bridge

Here we are just going under one of the bridges along the way and you can see another lock in the distance. Everyone was setting a cracking pace today, probably to keep warm!

A Lonely Duck

This duck looked so forlorn resting there by itself!

Through the tunnel

At one point you have to go through a ‘tunnel’ which runs under the road. It doesn’t look it here, but it was quite dark and spooky!

Time to turn back

This was the turning around point. I would have loved to have carried on further but we had to return.

I Love Laughter

Loved the name of this narrowboat!


19 thoughts on “A frosty walk along the Canal.

  1. Lovely walk, one almost expects to encounter the Water Rat and Moley and Mr. Badger as one strolls along (though there are some places that look like they might be distinctly hazardous if Mr. Toad is out in his automobile.
    I’m not venturing out much these days—if you’d like to stay posted up on the weather where I live here’s a handy link:
    I should be able to get out again by March.
    (I hope).
    Or whenever the snow melts. There’s about six feet of it on the ground at the moment. It didn’t all fall at once, of course—it just doesn’t warm up enough around here to melt it until March. And sometimes not until late March—early April.
    It takes major swag to be a Minnesotan 🙂

    • Well maybe not on the canal side Cassie, but there is also a river running alongside where Ratty and Badger can easily hang out. Sounds to me as if you need to hibernate every winter once you get your food stocked up of course. Mind you, have you thought of tunnelling through those six foot drifts of snow? 😉

  2. Looks like a very enjoyable walk TG lovely photo’s I am there with you. It was mighty cold here Friday and Saturday , so I can understand what you’re saying. Enjoy your weekend with K.

  3. that was a fantastic walk along the Canal Bank with you, TG, and that Narrow boat was so looooong, and like you said, what a wonderful name for it…Love Laughter, and you can imagine whoever owns it doing just that whilst puttering along the water…
    Thing is, when you have such a scenic walk, it makes it goes so fast, and you don’t realise how far you’ve traveled… at least that’s what I always find…A nice scenic ‘pit stop’ on the way back would be nice… Love my food!! 😉 xPenx

    • Sounds like you are similar to K then Pen. She wouldn’t do any of these walks if there wasn’t a meal at the end of it, which explains why every time we near the end of a walk, she suddenly speeds up! 🙂

  4. A walk I would like to take with the dogs TG, I do pick up so no need to watch your step.
    The tunnerl did look a bit spooky, and the Dlour mill looked quite Gothic, but very scenic and very descriptive photos. I took some to-day but haven’t got round to uploading them, laptops make you lazy.

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