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Tropicana twist

Opening a new box of Tropicana orange juice this morning I had to resort  to using pliers to turn the top round. What is the matter with these people? They want you to purchase their products then make it impossible to get into them! Damn modern packaging!

Opening the Tropicana

TG Steaming mad  (rant over)


15 thoughts on “Tropicana twist

  1. Know how you feel TG, I tried a cheaper “cholesterol lowering” yogurt drink and almost sprained my wrist trying to get the lid off !. Probably put my blood pressure up a few notches too ! Have a good day.

    • Having encountered the same problem on many previous occcasions DP I am familiar with the ‘damp cloth’ method, and also the oft used ‘warm under a running tap’ last resort. All failed I’m afraid.

  2. TG, honey—there’s a trick to all of these juice containers. You LOOSEN the lid as soon as you get the product home and BEFORE shoving it in the refrigerator. Once you refrigerate it it is a thousand times more difficult to get the lid off.

  3. I abso-bali-lutely hate those Tetra paks… for one thing, most councils don’t actually recycle them, and also for the reason you’ve just ably mentioned.TG, they’re so flipping difficult to open sometimes., and when you do manage it , you have to be darn careful how you pour!! I baptised myself so often I decided never again, and I make darn sure I but plastic bottle juice, which I’m know can be recycled, (the bottle not the juice!!.. although….um…won’t go into that!!) Now I have vented my wrath toooo….oh what a sweet day !! xPenx

  4. Oh how I sympathise TG, as one who has arthritis in the hands, but it’s not only these screw top types, it’s the flip lids where you have t put your nail in a little slot and ping the top off, I have to use the tip of a nail file as I’d broken so many finger nails. sigh!
    I bought a new tube of face wash and got so fed up trying to get the top off each morning I cut the bottom off and fitted it over the top, presto, job sorted.

    • I know exactly what you must go through Arlene! You need a degree in engineering these days to be able to access the contents of most of our purchases. It’s almost like the manufacturers revel in making the whole exercise hard to do. Oh for the days of cardboard boxes, paper bags and glass bottles! Simplicity!

  5. I think the worst ones are the ‘things’ that are in a sealed very hard plastic coating with crimped edges that has to be cut with a knife or scissors to get into, and when you do you run the risk of having your hands cut with the plastic edge. absolutely lethal.

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