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A Mystery Tour



On Monday we were taken on a tour. A tour around a building I have never ever set foot in before but where I will soon be residing for a whole week. Modern and only completed a few years ago, it towers above you like some huge ships funnel. It is a very busy building, well used with lot’s of people entering and leaving via its various exits and not only via the ground floor.  A lovely lady by the name of Penny was our tour guide for the day. She was dressed in a fetching blue outfit, and was all smiles as she showed us around the very attractive surroundings.

There are single bedrooms complete with en suite bathrooms and which contain fully adjustable electric beds that allow you to adjust them to many different positions for your comfort and some of the bedrooms are for sharing.  It’s all so luxurious. The corridors are all painted in an attractive off white which is liberally  broken up by lot’s of paintings hanging on the walls.  Where the residents sit down to eat, there is a full length window which reaches from floor to ceiling and offers a breathtaking view of the busy and bustling city.  I took notice that all of the staff, also clad in blue, seemed friendly and eager to please any of the current residents as we toured around admiring the sleek modern lines and clean pristine look.

We were both very impressed, so much so that I am quite looking forward to my own temporary residency there next week. It will be a new adventure, a new experience and certainly one worth blogging about on my return.


14 thoughts on “A Mystery Tour

  1. HIya… TG, thanks for dropping by, and your lovely compliment and comments, and hope to see ‘ 7 things’ about you soon…
    BUT first things first….after your telling what The Mystery Place is…and how you’re finding yourself in residence for a week…Mmm, thinking cap on…but no ‘light bulb’ lit up yet…. 🙂
    and it does look like a ships funnel…towering high!! 😦 … reminds me of my poem!!
    Still thinking……. OoOoO …. << thought bubbles ….. xPenx

  2. Hi, TG! Just wanted to drop by once more before the weekend and wish you well. Hope all medical issues get resolved in a positive way.
    Remember to click on my “gravatar” not on my name to visit my current website. Currently I am exploring “things that don’t fit” the view of reality that schools and such try to program us with.
    And also to remind you that since you are a still a friend of mine on Messenger Social (what was Windows Live) you can access all the music and things that are on my skydrive—and so can anyone who is a friend of yours. (Friends and Friends of Friends setting).
    You will be in my prayers, Sandra….

    • Thank you Cass, you are most kind. Since moving to my new home on here I don’t really bother much now with going onto Windows Live at all, its sort of superfluous to requirements although I do use the desktop apps every day.

  3. Nor do I—but I do keep lovely things on my skydrive and the best way to access that is through that old tie.
    My website (aka blog) is, of course, here on WordPress and nowhere else.

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