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Change of heart.

Remember how I promised that I was going to leave this blog alone now and not change it anymore? That was before the WordPress themeteam introduced their new theme. Sorry everyone but its changing again! If itโ€™s any consolation, I get on my own nerves always chopping and changing but I do like the new theme, so until the next one I fall in love with then this one will remain.


6 thoughts on “Change of heart.

    • It’s called Choco’ Cass and has just been released yesterday. It does not have a header as such but I am not bothered about that. Choose between original colour (Choco) Grey and Red. Nice!

  1. HI TG, this is the latest one? I had a look see ‘cos it mentioned chocolate…(I know it says Choco but to my mind it was that lovely, smooth, melt on the tongue chocolate!!) … so of course I tried it on my second site…(not to be confused with second sight…which I do not posses but if I did I would already have said all this before? confused? me too!!)
    and it’s your prerogative to change your mind…’cos it’s mine too…I wish I could change my ‘mind’ for Um? something slightly more organised and less doolally-ish… …. ๐Ÿ˜‰ xPenx
    (looks lovely TG!!)

    • In my case, doolallish is me to a tee! I like this though because although its called ‘Choco’ it looks like an opened Diary with all that stitching running along the sides. I also tried out the other colours of red and grey but I like the warmth of this one. (and I am partial to chocolate of course!)

  2. I fully sympathize with you in changing your themes TG, I love changing my themes, both on WP and Blogger, I find Blogger easier and more versatile for it. I love every theme I do and feel apprehensive then I get used to the new one and love it all over again, bonkers or what?. I can feel and urge to go to the dashboard coming on, bye must fly.

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