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A brief moment in time. On the mend.

It’s all been a brief moment in my lifetime. A chapter in my life that had to be experienced whether enjoyable or not. Have I been just unlucky? In six months time will I look back on it as an experience I just simply had to endure? Will it make me stronger as a person? I still have the chemo sessions to go through of course, another new experience for me.

My legs need sorting out at the moment, they are swollen and painful, especially the right one, and so are stopping me from being as mobile as I would like to be. I have obviously acquired Lymphedema as a result of some twenty lymph nodes being removed from the groin area. My right leg won’t bend at the knee or the thigh, so I can’t bend down to put socks on etc. But its all a challenge. A battle to be won. You have to fight it. I am exercising them, keeping them moving, trying to help; the waste products that are usually circulating around my legs via my lymph nodes to drain away and continue to be discarded.

I still feel three sheets to the wind brain wise. I can’t seem to get my head around things, but its probably because my sleep pattern is now kaput. I am going to bed at ten, waking up at 01.00am for a toilet break, going back to sleep until 04.00am where I then wake up and can’t go back to sleep, so I usually get up. I then spend any time I am sat down nodding off, which is strange as normally I never ‘nod off’ whilst sat up in a chair.

K is now needed only for assistance with putting socks on and shoes, some helpful feet and lower leg massage and cups of tea making duties. She has been rewarded for her dedicated nursing duties with a new ‘shark bite’ t-shirt and also a new CD of 100 hits of something or other. She deserves more of course, a medal would not go amiss, as she has had the patience of Juab all the way through nursing me back to health. I have told everyone about her and how I couldn’t have managed without her, everyone who would listen. Would any other daughter have done as much?

Can it get any bigger?

So to end this journal of my brief moment in time (wonder if I will ever see any of my ward companions again?) I am including a photo of K in her new t-shirt.

Take Care! TG

12 thoughts on “A brief moment in time. On the mend.

  1. Your account of your tribulations have kept me spellbound and looking up from my pc I have been surprised that I am in my own front room and not in the hospital bed beside you!
    The shark t-shirt is great on K and like her it looks set to gobble up anything edible in its path.
    I do really hope your recovery is a gentle slope upwards and not too many dips and setbacks. Reckon you have had your fair share of poorliness already lately.
    If I were closer I would make K a massive frothy hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and sprinkles with a cherry on top. What a star she is.

  2. It’s all there, TG, the strain, the fight to continue, the living with the changes affecting your life, now and also in the future… and you ask the question will it make you a stronger person? I believe you are a fantastically strong person already, and any extra strength gained from this procedure will be a bonus. ‘K’ of course is a shining light, a nurse above all nurses, (she looks so pleased and proud modeling her shark shirt) and I award her the ‘K’ Gold Star of Nursing…
    (I hope the link works…!) ((soft hugs)) to you…and I do hope you are able to keep contact with your ward compatriots. xPenx

    • C did promise to look out for me whenever she visits Brighouse which she often does. I just hope I remember her face! We will probably go for a coffee in Merry England and swop tales of our convalecence once home. She will be amazed to hear how I fared as I was doing so well when we parted company.

  3. I have only just caught up with your blogs TG and you have made me feel very humble. I have nothing but admiration for you, you are so incredibly brave and I agree with everything that Pen has said. How wonderful that K has been such a tower of strength for you, you are both really fantastic people and I wish you a very speedy recovery. Sending you love and very best wishes. xxx Marjie xxx

    • Thanks Marjie. honestly I am nothing special and certainly not brave! I am very determined though (not always a good trait!) but I do agree with you about K. She is one in a million and you would all be amazed at how many times I thank God for choosing me to be her Mum and allowing her into my life.

  4. I do hope you see your ward companion again,Sandra. I remember a lovely lady from Anglesey, who taught me the ropes – using a pill dispenser as a bath plug, and having plenty of change for the phone. The lymph thing is uncomfortable, I had a elephant living in my armpit – still there, but I’ve got used to it. All in all it was an experience that did me a lot of good. I was pleased to come home, if only to escape the awful hospital bed.
    K looks great in her new shirt!
    Bunny xx

  5. They say that a daughter is a gift of love and I believe this to be 100% true. K is a complete package, and wrapped up in that shark t-shirt just gives us that picture of perfection. Simply put… K is definitely an angel in disguise! You are so very lucky to have her as she I know feels the same about you.

    • As you heal and rest, know that you are thought of often. I admire your strength and courage. I am praying for a quick recovery for you. Get better and make my prayers come true. And know.. that there’s so much more to you than what you are going through…. Chin up!

    • I agree Seth! None of you can imagine how dedicated she has been during the worst days and nights. Not one complaint was uttered, not even a sigh, she just woke up and saw to my every need.

  6. Well TG it seems as though you’ve been to hell and back and lived to tell the tale. you are quite amazing, and with k’s help you’ll go from strength to strength, she certainly does deserve a medal. if you’re a believer, you know she’ll get her rewards in heaven. BTW the contrast of the rather fearsome shark to K’s sensitive face is wonderful, I bet you’ll have a job getting it off her to go in the wash. You are indeed blessed with such a caring daughter.
    Keep getting weller and weller :-))

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