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Is it here at last?

Been out stretching my swollen legs today. A slow walk down to the park accompanied by K which rewarded us with some wonderful sights of crocus’s and daffodils all vying with each other for a glimpse of some welcome spring sunshine. It was a very enjoyable walk, not too cold, and did me the world of good especially to breath in that gorgeous fresh Spring air,  though I was absolutely beggared when we landed home! Enjoy the arrival at last of Spring everyone because  I am!



9 thoughts on “Is it here at last?

  1. That looks like quite a walk … well done. I hope you’re feeling gorgeously sleepy and satisfied after it.
    Lovely fresh pictures .. Spring is certainly making its presence felt all of a sudden.

    • It’s always seems such a long time, winter I mean, so seeing all the daffodils and crocus’s around the park and experiencing yesterdays gorgeous blue skies and sunshine was a treat not to be missed! Obviously I wasn’t walking at my usual pace, but nevertheless, it was so benificial

  2. Hi TG glad you’re starting to feel well enough to get out and enjoy the nice spring like weather, the daffs by the beck picture is very nice, and the crocus’s are so blue, even though you may have felt quite shattered after your walk, I bet you thought it well worth the effort, You’ll get stronger each day.

    • Our park is sort of wild and constructed (with the tendered flower beds at the front) that we sort of have the best of both worlds if you know what I mean. All of the daffs and crocus’s are growing wild but then we have the cultured planned garden area at the front.
      Mind you, I confess to preferring the wild variety to the planned area any day.

  3. Spring is definitely sprung, TG, … and I’m just having a look-see at your lovely photos, the Daffs lining the bank of the Beck look wonderful, reminding me of a time when Bess was able to make it down to the Woods nearby, Bluebells and Daffs everywhere, left wild and free, carpeting the valleys in the woods. Gives a lift to your heart every time… Good to read you’re feeling able to get out and about, even though slowly. K must be really pleased at your progress being the wonderful nurse that she is … take care xPenx

  4. What awesome snapshots and I am so envious. Spring is trying to make it’s arrival here… but it keeps getting delayed. 😦 At least I can come to your space, view your photos and hear about your wonderful walk… puts a little ‘spring’ in my step for sure. Take good care.

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