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Better than any tonic!

It’s amazing isn’t it? Battling through the last few weeks, struggling with my body seeming to pack in, throw a strop and have a complete post op breakdown, I have to confess to feeling rather down and low of late. However, today my spirits are lifted and not only by the glorious sunshine and warm temperatures we have been enjoying of late! What has brought about this magical transformation? Well, the answer to that question can be found below in photo form!


Better than any tonic!

Tucking in.

A visit to the hairdressers of course!


14 thoughts on “Better than any tonic!

    • Oh yes! You know K! She never does things by halves! If were spending dosh at the hairdressers, then might as well go the whole hog and have our dinner out as well! (money no object with her!)

  1. ((hugs)) to you both, and your hairdresser of course, without whom none of it would have been possible!! 😉
    Lovely, lovely smiling photo’s (and food of course) xPenx

  2. Before I read what gave you the lift, I was thinking, what a nice photo of TG, and her hair is different, i like it. well done you, there’s nothing like a new hair do to give a gal a lift, I hope it’s the start of a brand new you. K looks as though she’s had something to please her too, maybe an extra portion of ice cream?

  3. I feel positively shabby now and I reckon a visit to the hairdresser myself is long overdue.
    I feel a bit odd about going though because I don’t want to draw attention to a new hairdo as my daughter has just had her first chemo and will be loosing her hair any day now so we have been wig shopping for her. Amazing that she has found one that is identical to the last style she had so shouldn’t notice the difference.
    Bet K was excited to be out with her mum and shopping again. She has such a caring look in her eyes that strikes me.
    Roll on more sunshine and outings!

  4. Oh my gosh! Two of the best looking ‘pin up girls’ that I have seen in a long time. *Hubba Hubba* I like the new do’s. And I am so glad that you are in good spirits. I just want to say, that one of the most beautiful thing a woman can ever wear is confidence… and a smile!

  5. I am always right. I once thought that I was mistaken, but I was wrong. 🙂 I hope that you are having another grand day, because you and K do deserve many.

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