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My big fat leg.

Which leg is the fat one?

It weighs a ton weight. It’s stopping me from exercising. It’s twice the size of the other one. It refuses to bend at the knee. I can’t tie my shoes. I can’t lift it high enough to put my trousers on. I can’t put my socks on. It’s driving me insane. Go a short walk and I’m beggared and no wonder. It weighs a ton.

I have actually lost weight everywhere else. Without my huge leg I would probably be down to 9 stone but my leg weighs about two ton. Whilst the hospital and I argue over what exactly is wrong with my leg, I am getting no exercises and no stocking to wear and so no treatment. Tomorrow I have yet another scan to endure  to see if there is a blood clot causing the swollen leg.  I am beginning to loose count of all of the scans I have had. I must have laid under every type of scanner there is by now. The hospital must have pictures of every single organ, vein, and internal supply of my body you can think of. Well, apart from my brain and I don’t really blame them for missing that part out.  There would be very little to see.

It’s worse first thing after being laid down. K and I discussed whether I could go to sleep with my leg propped up against the wall.  We both decided that what I really needed was one of those hoists above the bed that hospitals use to keep your leg straight after a breakage when its in plaster. I could lay down and K would have to adjust the pulley to raise my leg into the air. I just hope that tomorrow I get some answers and therefore some treatment to bring my big fat leg back down to size.


16 thoughts on “My big fat leg.

  1. Oh dear, this looks terrible … and no consolation that you seem to have particularly tiny feet in comparison!!! I do hope they get it sorted out quickly …. be fierce in getting the right attention, and don’t let them brush you off with reasonable sounding excuses/reasons. check, check and double check. this is no time for politeness … it is your health at stake.
    with deep concern for you …

    • I’m a size five Tricia, its probably the angle I took the picture that makes my feet look so small. Don’t worry, I am not leaving today without some answers and some treatment for it!

  2. How horrible for you, T.G. After all you have been through I had hoped you could relax a little, without further trouble. Your leg is indeed very swollen. I hope the doctors can figure out what the problem is and get it sorted for you. My thoughts are with you. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Pen.

  3. You poor girl, how awful for you, that must be so inconvenient as well as painful. you do as Tricia says, and I was going to say jump up and down, but you can’t nor can you stamp your feet, oh dear, well i’m sure you’re voice isn’t affected, let it BELLOW, and get something done, pile on the agony if necessary and good luck.

  4. Oh dear poor you TG. As if you have not been through enough already, I do so hope that you get some answers soon. Mind you I do know from experience that you can go through all sorts of tests and still not get anywhere, but hopefully that will not be the case for you. Sending you love, hugs and healing thoughts. Marjie xxx

  5. I’m not surprised it’s getting you down, TG, I do hope they come up with some answers. Surely to goodness this must have happened before to someone else and a solution been found? IF so, why haven’t they been able to help at all? Hugs to you and to ‘K’ as she must be so worried too.. xPenx

  6. Oh dear,
    I hope this finds you are feeling better and they have found and fixed this swelling! Jeepers! Wishing you well. Rx

  7. I have been thinking about you TG and wondering how you are, I do so hope that things are getting better and they have managed to sort out the problem with your leg. Sending best wishes and hugs xx

  8. Oh my, I was hoping to come by and read about what a wonderful adventure you had today. I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing such discomfort. The last time that I seen someone in this condition, it was because they were experiencing swollen lymph node in their right leg groin area. It caused their complete leg and foot to swell twice its normal size also their abdomen area and pelvis was swollen. You definitely need to get this looked at in more depth and you are entitled to answers.
    I hope that they are able to diagnose and treat you accordingly and ASAP!
    And for the record… I still think you have pin up girl legs!!!! *Hubba Hubba*

    • Just letting all my readers know that I had to go back in hospital because after a deep scan on my leg, it turned out I had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) which needed drastic treatment so I had to be admitted.

      • I am so sorry to hear that… that you are in the hospital but I am glad that they have finally diagnosed you. Whew!! Thank you for the update I would have been wondering. Stay strong! You have a tremendous amount of support.
        … Well, take advantage of them nurses and if you aren’t that interested, please refer them to me. 🙂

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