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A birthday with a difference!



I had a strange birthday yesterday. Spent having yet another new experience sat in a very comfortable chair, being stabbed with needles four times in total on the back of my hands resulting in some lovely blue bruises, (I shall be taken soon for an alien as I will no doubt end up blue all over) and receiving lot’s of different inputs ranging from Steroids, anti-sickness stuff to my two separate chemo’s. K sat diligently at my side, noseying as she always does at everything going on around her.


She had taken a ‘Goonies’ book in with her to wile away the time, but it never emerged from her backpack all the time we were there (which turned out to be considerable) nor come to think of it,  did my intended ‘help to pass the time’ book of code words. Instead (as is usual for us, seemingly being known personally by half of Yorkshire, well K is) we knew the lady who was receiving chemo on the opposite side to us, and ended up spending most of our time chatting to her about experiences and good times at K’s infant school all those years ago, where this lady was a dinner lady. (which readers will go some way to explaining there intimate knowledge of each other, as that was even in those days, K’s only reason for existence and attendance.)

As for the allotted four hours of chemo, that went by the board as soon as the nurse who was dealing with me tried to ‘hook me up’ by inserting a cannula into the back of my hands.. First she tried the right hand, seeing as I am left handed. The vein in question promptly moved away to the side. No joy. Now the left hand. First vein, again no joy, so she tried a smaller vein running alongside. At last it began to work but this effort had thrown us about half an hour late. K watched ever move, even down to the tapping of any syringes by the nurses as they cleared the needles of air.

I was hoping that I might make the whole session without needing to journey to the toilet but we ended up making about six visits in total (typical for me, who says one of my kidneys is blocked?) and boy was I glad K was with me because as my left hand now had the cannula and therefore all the chemo stand attached, I was having to use my right hand and I am useless with that hand. I also seemed to have been lumbered with a Chemo stand that was determined to only travel to the right, with the ensuing problem that I ended up doing a sort of waltz with it down the corridor. It reminded me of my usual choice of supermarket trolleys which always insist on going anyway but the way you want them to.

We were served a welcome cup of tea, some dinner ( I had salad, K had a sandwich) another cup of tea in the afternoon, and as my chair was laid down so my legs were elevated, I honestly could have dozed. The nurses were lovely (although before I went home, the one who had dealt with me most of the day said jokingly don’t ask for me again next time you come!)

Presents given to me by nursing staff, some antiseptic mouthwash to prevent mouth sores and some cream for the bruises at the back of hands caused by attempted insertion of cannula’s, two lot’s of anti-sickness tablets and some steroid tablets.

We had to wait ages for the transport though and thought we might have to make a bed up on the sofa for the night. It didn’t arrive until 17.00pm so in total we had been there from 10.00am in the morning until 17.00pm at night. I’m having one of those chairs though. They are so comfortable and just like the hospital electric beds, are ideal for putting your legs up. It’s getting them home without being spotted that will be the problem. Wonder if K has any bright ideas?


11 thoughts on “A birthday with a difference!

  1. Not the most pleasant way to spend a birthday, TG. You approach this latest ordeal with all the humour and bravery that you use in all aspects of your life. I applaud you.

    • You have to see the funny side Penny or you’d go to pieces. I hope that in the face of any adversity the main thing I do is keep my sense of humour.Thanks for the comment.

  2. I guess when all this is behind you TG you will have to have the biggest birthday bash EVER ! I think that you are incredible how you still manage to find humour in everything that you are going through. Your lovely Daughter is a real credit to you, you must be so proud of her.
    Belated Birthday Greetings to you, and I hope you soon start to feel better. Hugs Marjie x

    • Yes I am proud of her, she’s really come into her own during my latest illness. We have truly changed roles, now she is the carer and I have become the cared for and she revels in it! We both laugh and luckily have the same sense of humour.

  3. Definitely not the best of birthday TG, almost puts you off having another, oops, take that back, just hope that by the next one all this will be behind you, and you and K will celebrate in style, keep your chin up, you’re quite special, and K’s a close second.
    Arlene XX

    • Thanks Arlene, yes I hope so too. I’ve been so unlucky since my operation, everything seems to have gone wrong, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that from now on, I’m okay with everything

  4. What a rotten way to spend your birthday. You and K have a lot of things to catch up on when you are feeling better. How is your leg now?
    I know that scene in the treatment ward all too well now. Mind you the room at our hospital is more like a lounge with its luxury reclining armchairs and all mod cons, free hot drinks and sandwiches. It surprised me that all the patients sit around together which is much better than cooped up in bed in a cubicle.
    I too had taken plenty to amuse us while my daughter passed the time with her chemo and found that there did not seem to have been time to read books, do puzzles or play noughts and crosses. Funny how time does tick by isn’t it. Good news is that the tumours had shrunk considerably after the first session, but she still has to continue the six months course.
    She was saying how cold her head is at night now it is bald, blow me if within five minutes a Betterware cataloque came through her letter box and it only had a lovely soft cotton night cap in it! Couldn’t believe it, Betterware of all things!!
    You are quite right, keeping a sense of humour and seeing the bright side is the only way to be, hard sometimes though.
    Hopefully you have done all the going down part of things and now the only way is up.
    Belated birthday wishes to you for a year ahead of little miracles and lots of good news. x

  5. Everyone should have a K. `Noseying around’ – well somebody’s got to do it.
    There are a lot of laughs to be had, coping with the big C. Lucky patients, doing it in your company.
    Best, Sandra x

  6. I’m sure K could come up with a devious pl;an for chair -napping, and I would help if I could, just putting on my balaclava right now. 😉
    Not a good way to spend your Birthday, TG., but worth it in the long run. Words which don’t mean a ‘hill of beans’ at the mo, but when this is all behind you both, you can look back and laugh …or cry depending how you feel. I’m tearing up, but then that’s me. and my way of coping with things that touch me to the heart. I felt I was there when you described how they tried to find a vein, my ex was having bloods taken once and they almost gave up trying to get a vein to show. MY, oh my, I am not hospital or doctors material, I simply want to get away before I faint. !! Hugs to you and to wonderful K, may it get easier with time, and may I also wish You and K a wonderful Easter. xPenx

    • Thanks Pen for the comment. Yes, I used to be very squeemish at the sight of a needle. once had to lay down whilst waiting at work for the annual flu jab, before I had it! Now I just take it in my stride. I have to have daily injections at the mo to sort out the blood clotting in my leg, and prevent it happening again, that will be for six months. I will begin to joke about all this definitely, in fact, K and I are laughing about it as much as we can, no good crying that solves nothing.

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