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A Cafe Tale

Our Park Cafe

The weather was so beautiful yesterday that we decided to walk down to the park and not waste the glorious spring sunshine. For the first time ever, we stopped at the small Cafe just inside the park entrance where we sat down outside to enjoy an ice cream each. As we sat there, I cast my mind back to the history of this now very popular resting place. It has enjoyed a very chequered history, and not one that would have ever encouraged the thought on any long term resident of this town that it would end up in its current popular guise.

It was built originally as public toilets, the nearest door you can see in the photograph was the entrance to the Ladies, and at the other end of the building was the Gents. Unfortunately it was not furnished with any windows at all, so as I recall from any of my very infrequent visits there, it was dark and dingy and not a place to hover around in. In fact that goes some way to explaining why I can’t recall much about the exact layout, because I would have avoided using it unless really desperate.

Most residents must have felt the same, because over a period of time it ended up neglected and uncleaned as did most public toilets. Before it was finally shut down and closed however, it was the venue for a local scandal involving men meeting up there for clandestine goings on of I suppose a sexual nature. I can’t remember the exact details, but the police must have been ‘caging the joint’ (our local police station is only down the road) and several men were arrested.

It stood then for a while not being used for anything until a Brighouse couple decided to take it over and turn it into the very popular cafe that it is today. On warm days such as yesterday, tables and chairs are placed outside on the paved area in front of the Cafe, and when its raining, there is some room (but not much) to sit down inside.

In the photo are three bike riders, all dressed in full riding gear, who propped their bikes against the fence in front of the Cafe and sat down to enjoy a  coffee or a latte. Sat at another of the tables were two young ladies complete with twins in a twin buggy who were fast asleep as they enjoyed the weather and the inevitable texting on their mobiles. Behind K was a family with a dog which kept barking, causing K to keep jumping out of her skin and have a face like thunder. She hates dogs barking and heaved a sigh of relief when they got up to go.

Of course many people just call in for an ice cream or drink as they walk past the Cafe on their way down to the slides and swings. It has become a very popular stop off for many, and is much more suited to its present role, though I would have added a window to the front of the building as its still rather dark and dingy inside.

Here’s some more info about the Cafe from our local rag.



9 thoughts on “A Cafe Tale

  1. What a marvelous story TG, I suppose there are many places like this that have a checkered history. I hope that you are feeling a little better now ? I think this lovely weather helps. Hugs to you and K xx

  2. My visit this morning is to bring to you some extra special Easter Greetings along with Best Wishes for a Happy Springtime too!

    Let the joy of Easter fill up your heart today and forever. Happy Easter!
    ….if you do not celebrate, enjoy this weekend just the same.

  3. Great picture TG and thank goodness it is no longer a public Toilet. Great place to pop by and have a tea or ice-cream. Hope you enjoy your Easter .xSheila xGood to you getting out and about.

  4. Beautiful day for a walk! I love taking walks. I’ve always loved it. I remember when I was very young my mom would gather all of us boys together and we’d walk to along the river or to the park. Oh, I loved those days. I have specific memories of those walks, things we passed by, stuff we saw.
    I hope that when I’m an old man I will still be able to take walks. They’re so good for clearing the mind and getting things back in perspective. When you’re walking under an endless sky of stars listening to owls sing in the distance and feeling the ice cold air of winter chill your lungs, unfinished chores don’t seem nearly as important. In fact most of the things that clutter our busy minds throughout the day start to seem pretty silly when you stand under the mighty sun and contemplate it’s existence. Even watching a tree sway in the wind can sooth troubles and remind us that everything doesn’t have to be so fast all the time. It’s okay to slow down and just be once in awhile.

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