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A Spring Clean

I’m currently having  a spring clean of my blogs, so don’t think your off your marbles if every time you come a visiting this way, things have changed beyond recognition. I’m also toying with the idea of changing my WordPress blog title to ‘Neither here nor there’ which sums me up so much more than ‘Technogran’s Tales’

However, my  ex Spacers friends (if I still have any that is) know my diary blog as Technogran’s Tales so it might be confusing for them. (or if they are used to me, then maybe not)

Please be patient and bare with me during this faffing about that I seem to have to do at least once a year. If you want to blame anyone, blame WordPress for constantly bringing out all of these lovely themes!


12 thoughts on “A Spring Clean

  1. ok TG, they say spring cleaning is therapeutic, so I’ll just stand back and watch!! 😉 and tell you if you’ve missed a bit. Ever helpful that’s me. Hugs to you and K xPenx

  2. I can’t make up my mind about this theme. See the sidebar? You click on those little icons and it changes to comments, archive,etc. Neat but will my readers use it? Hmmm……………

  3. Faffing around is good …. I’m now wondering if you can do an OU course in it …. experience must count for something surely …..

    OK, I’m now going to look through what you’ve up to while I’ve been away ….. whooosh

  4. You are a woman, and with that said… change can only be expected. Bwahahaha! Have fun re-decorating, I think that things are looking pretty darn good from my view.
    Enjoy your week.

  5. Someone has an itchy mouse finger hasn’t she! The page looks nice and crisp. I do like the sidebar icons but must admit it would not have occured to me to try them unless I spotted your comment to.
    When you are done here you could come over and do something about mine if you like!

  6. Faff about all yer like, although I quite like the Technogran title meself. It’s succinct and dynamic if you ask me… Which you’re not. So I’ll shut up.

    • I’m not succulent and dynamic? Sob! Well, I suppose I’m not so much now as I was when younger, but I do try…. Hmm, food for thought I think (pun intended) but Neither Here nor There sums me up so well, as that’s precisely where I usually am (or my mind at least)

  7. Very nice TG the page looks brillaint , so good. I wouldn’t know where to start love the sidebar to. I will sit back and see what you come up with next. Enjoy the week.

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