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Jabber Day

My first visitor today was the District Nurse. Not one from my own practice and therefore a new and unfamiliar face. She had in tow a young Doctor no less who was obviously in training judging by the way he followed her up the stairs and listened intently to her detailed instructions as she performed her duties on me. After checking the dosage to give and informing me that if I wished, I could give my poor bruised abdomen a rest by having said injection given in my legs or in my arms, she proceeded to eject some contents from the syringe first in order to arrive at my particular dosage, and then injected me in a small vacant space on the right hand side where bruising had not yet had chance to appear.

Following that, she then took two empty phials, one pink and one brown, and proceeded to fill them from my right arm which is the only arm left with a vein wiling enough to display itself sufficiently so that some blood can be taken, the left one having withdrawn itself sometime ago between previous cannulas, blood letting and CT Scans. 


After she and the doctor had left, I began thinking how ironic my life has ended up! Was this the very same person sat here resembling some kind of mauve and yellow pin cushion, who had to lay down in a near feint at work when younger before receiving her first flu jab? Had someone said to me then that I would end up having a daily injection for six months solid and not bat an eyelid, would I have believed them?  I wonder….



21 thoughts on “Jabber Day

  1. Oh dear! Really growing old is not for the faint of heart. We deserve a medal simply for the challenges we face just to survive!! Thank goodness you are (somehow) managing to keep something of a sense of humour. My heart goes out to you as you struggle with all this and coping with the medical fraternity!

    • We oldies are made of tough stuff Tricia, and a good job too! I take in my stride now all the things that would have turned me into a quivering wreck when younger.
      As for the sense of humour, where would life be without one? Yes, I am beginning to know all of the local district nurses by first name, and most of the nurses in the McMillan unit as well. Also the Ambulance service are becoming firm friends. I’m now moving and socializing in a different sphere! LOL

  2. Ouch, ouch and ouch, pass the smelling salts, that’s what happens to me at the mere thought of an injection. TG, just how old do you have to be before you can accept it without flinching, hurry up and let me know, I’m not getting any younger.

    • Your so right! You have not much choice in the matter really so might as well take it all in your stride. Either that, or we become tougher as we age. (rather like old leather! LOL)

  3. I still flinch at the thought of the dentist needle in my gum yet in all these years it has never ever actually hurt me! Yet I had a tattoo which was the equivilent to thousands of needles and never thought twice about it!
    Hope you are over the worst and on the road to recovery by whatever means possible to get there all the sooner.

  4. Just seeing if there is a difference to leaving a reply on the end of comments or by clicking tab marked ‘leave a comment’ on top of the comment list which seems a quicker way than scrolling down and down!

    • Thanks Marjie, so do I! I’m a bit at sixes and sevens at the moment if you understand that term. Some days OK and some days not so OK. Swings and roundabouts

  5. I love your sense of humour TG, and your way of describing what’s happening with a wry grimace at life itself. How else are we to cope with what’s thrown our way? xPenx

    • I could switch to Warfarin and all the associated problems with taking that. Might have to Sheila if the District nurses run out of space in which to jab me!

  6. “…daily injection for six months…” Oh my, I give you credit. I do hope that you do not have to experience too much discomfort. Smile. Let everyone know that today you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday.

    • Off to see my consultant today about those very jabs, which are beginning to get me down. I am black and blue with all the bruising and the District Nurses are rapidly running out of space……

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