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We need a bigger fridge.




TG  Surprised smile


13 thoughts on “We need a bigger fridge.

    • Just two of us Pen and a bursting at the seams fridge. There’s a freezer underneath as well, and that’s always full. Hmm, wonder who the culprit buyer is?

  1. I quite agree TG, my fridge is usually half empty, just a point, you shouldn’t store bread in a fridge and the eggs should be in the door. Take off the school marm hat now, It’s my freezer that’s jam packed full, as I cook extra helpings to freeze, the trouble is I still do it even when the freezer is full, Did it yesterday, made soup and having to juggle the stuff around to fit the surplus into the freezer.

    • This bread is my Gluten Free and the eggs can’t go in the door as its full of protein drinks for me if I find I can’t eat anything. After shopping, we usually have a right old time trying to pack things in!

  2. Sunday is the one day of the week, that we should try and dump the work/household chores that we have for a while… and relax. Today being Mother’s Day, makes it just that much more special. Special wishes go out to you.
    –> http://i51.tinypic.com/2a4zvpg.gif <–

  3. i found your website while searching for WLW how-to’s!
    Amazing technogran!!

    Can i ask where do you store your photos since wordpress only allows 3G?? I’m new to blogging and haven’t figured out yet where can i store photos!

    I know picasa now allows photos unlimited if its below 800 pixels. But i want to stick to wordpress instead of blogger.. for now anyways!
    Hope you’ll reply and thanks a lot!

  4. You don’t need to keep eggs in the fridge they keep at room temperature or maybe you can put them in the fridge door compartment, Water bottles you can store in the cupboard and just a few in the fridge…

  5. Holy Moly! Can I raid your refrigerator? I’ll let you come and raid mine? But be warned, I can’t vouch for the freshness of some of the stuff you might find. I have been meaning to give it a good cleaning so if you run across anything “suspect” during your raid, feel free to discard it.
    Ohhh, I buy brown eggs too. Do you find with brown eggs the yolk is larger than the yolk in the white eggs!?? Or is it just me?

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