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A Week Off.


We’re off on a holiday next week. It was booked last year before I knew I had cancer. You can get some real bargains at the holiday camps when you book early. We are going to Reighton Sands holiday park near Filey. It’s another holiday park with lot’s of fond memories for us. We enjoyed  some wonderful holidays there when the children were small.


We will be staying in a Super Duper Premium eight berth caravan with all mod cons. K will be able to choose between two bedrooms to sleep in if she wants. She could sleep in one of them one night, then sleep in the other one the next.

Reighton Sands beach

I have to confess, I am not particularly excited about going, but that’s probably down to the chemo and everything. Now that I am able to do my own Heparin injections, I will be taking them with me, including a small sharps container in my suitcase to place the used one’s in.

Reighton Sands is another lovely beach on our gorgeous Yorkshire coast, though it does have quite a steep walk down to it. I am hoping that I feel well enough to do plenty of walking during this holiday.  We are also on the bus route for journeys to Scarborough, Bridlington, Whitby or Filey, so lot’s of wonderful places to visit during our stay!


We’re also not all that far from the famous Flamborough Head so we’ll probably pay there a visit as well. There’ll be lot’s of photos taken of course for this blog! Obviously I will be keeping my fingers crossed that I stay feeling well and don’t have any problems occur. I also plan to take a jotter with me so that I can ‘jot’ down all that occurs both on the train journey there and back again, and also during our stay. So lot’s of blogging to do on my return!

See you all soon


14 thoughts on “A Week Off.

    • Yes, it would be nice Jane to go with friends. I’m hoping the lousy weather and rain has done its work this week and that we have a good week. Not too hot but sunny and warm will do me fine!

  1. I think this will be just the breath of fresh air you both could do with. You know your limitations and not to overdo things and I am sure you will both have a lovely nostalgic time.

    • K is determined to have a good time Anne. She is insisting I go swimming in the indoor pool, and instructed me to pack my swimming costume. You really have no choice in the matter where she is!

  2. I’m really hoping you have a lovely time Technogran1. If you get knackered K will have to tackle the packaging for you [sorry to say it but there’s always packaging even when on holiday] … oh, and I’ll send the rain dancers away for the week – sunshine will help xxx

  3. T.G.I.F. — Welcome to another Friday. Did you make alright? I for one, am glad that this week has come to an end. Here’s hoping that you are going to make the most of this weekend. I’m going to have some what of a relaxing weekend… going to throw on some music for a bit while blog reading. What ever you do… enjoy it!
    —> http://i56.tinypic.com/rvvnsi.jpg

  4. Have a wonderful Holiday you two and I do hope you feel able to enjoy the sights, TG, fingers crossed that your energy levels rise and you’re able to view everything through refreshed mind and body. Take care and catch up when you return. (I can just imagine ‘K’ changing beds every night. I would too) xPenx

  5. Just stopping by again to wish you and K a safe journey and crossing my fingers that everything goes well on your vacation. After all, a vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. Looking forward to seeing some pictures. Don’t over do it, but do enjoy!

  6. I meant to post to you but missed the deadline I expect, it looks a wonderful place, are you back yet, if so how did it go, did K chose a different bedroom each night, how exciting, I fancy that idea myself.
    Look forward to some nice photos. and hope you soon feel a lot better about everything, I know that even the smallest job seems a chore. Take care

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