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Reighton Sands, the arrival.

I think it was as I struggled with the heavy suitcase down our stairs, that I first had the inkling that maybe this holiday wasn’t such a good idea. This inkling was to be re-enforced every time we alighted or boarded a train. Was I mad? By the time I sank into my reserved seat on the transpennine express to Scarborough, it occurred to me that maybe I was last in the queue when common sense had been doled out.  Struggling on trains with a heavy suitcase whilst receiving chemotherapy is not to be recommended!

But I reasoned to myself, K deserved this holiday after the way she had looked after me when I was ill, and she was so looking forward to it! I simply couldn’t bring myself to cancel, no matter how tiring the whole escapade turned out to be. Promises by the weather forecasters of gale force winds later that week certainly didn’t help my general demeanour either.

On arrival at Filey station, rather than continue to struggle onto a bus with the suitcase, I opted for a taxi to take us to the holiday camp whatever the cost. On arrival, we collected the key for our mobile home from reception. Our holiday home was fairly near to both the camp facilities and the shop. Good! No repeat of last year when we had to walk a mile in order to reach all the amenities. Not only that, it was a very nice mobile home as well, and as it turned out, thankfully with heating in both my bedroom and K’s.

Our Mobile Home at Reighton Sands

After getting my breath back, we emptied the suitcase and then walked over to the shop to buy some provisions. Later, we sauntered around the entertainment block, mainly to suss out the restaurant prices, the swimming pool and general layout of the place. I also took advantage of the many mobile homes for sale, which are usually left open for viewing by guests and visitors, and had a nosey around those as well.

The television picture in our mobile home was absolutely awful. The only channels available via DT were BBC One and that was breaking up all the time, so we had to resort to watching analogue. Funny, I thought to myself, how at home I don’t seem to watch all that much TV, yet it wasn’t long before I began to miss my gorgeous high definition pictures from Freeview, and also my PVR and being able to watch the programs I chose to watch whenever I wanted to watch them!  K was forced to watch news programs first thing in the morning, but she didn’t forfeit her beloved soaps, hence the result that yours truly ended up buying some books to read!

After such a tiring day, I was in bed for 10.00pm and so was K! We were both shattered. Plans for tomorrow if the weather held up was a day out in Bridlington.



6 thoughts on “Reighton Sands, the arrival.

  1. You are a very brave lady, TG, wrestling with trains, luggage etc. I hope you have a jolly good rest and enjoy your stay there. Chemo is so debilitating but you are such a trooper, I cannot imagine it getting you down for too long. Take care. Pen.

  2. I’m sorting reading your posts backwards TG, so I commented on your day out the day after you arrived, and I can see that you had predicted right about the rain.
    But hats off to you for doing this holiday so selflessly, I’m sure K appreciates it, and she won’t care too much about a spot of rain, Just make the most of it. If you feel discomfort or pain you’re alive, and that’s what matters.

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