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Blown away in Bridlington

On Sunday we set off to Bridlington, mainly because K insisted that she had never been there. She had as a little girl, but had obviously forgotten it. She remembered the ‘big dipper’ road though from Reighton Sands holiday park, which dips and climbs with the result that as children they used to yell ‘Whoo’ at every dip the bus encountered. Setting off at Bridlington harbour, we walked along the sea front, intent on going as far as my legs would allow me to.

Windswept and Windblown

It was blustery and very windy and rain was promised. My hair has begun to part company with my head, and I could see hairs blowing away in the gusty wind towards the sea. I joked to K that if this wind continued all week I would no doubt be returning home completely bald.

As we walked along the front towards North Bay it began to rain. A ‘land train’ runs from Leisureland up to Sewerby Park and there were various pick up points along the front. We reached the top and began walking along the top where benches were lined up facing out to sea. Every bench had been dedicated to different people who had passed away.

We passed a Hotel serving lunches and dinners, so we decided to have our dinner there. K had the lamb (with mint sauce) and K had Haddock and chips. Her haddock looked beautiful, white as driven snow, and tasted delicious. She also discovered the delight of horseradish sauce for the first time, and loved it! My lamb was also perfect and we really enjoyed our meal. The hotel in question is the Expanse Hotel, and the food and hospitality is second to none.  I would certainly stay there if I was ever staying in Bridlington.

Following our dinner, we caught the road train up to Sewerby Park and then rode it down again to Leisureland. The train turns around outside the Sewerby gardens, and then waits for roughly quarter of an hour. It was during this wait that the heavens opened, with the result that we passengers were wet through, as the carriages do not have any sides.

A Wet road train in Bridlington

Our wet wait was not entirely wasted, we were entertained by the antics of swallows as they swooped and soared around the trees, and also the deer in the enclosure next to the land train stop. Once we were back in the town, I bought a fringe magnet and K bought a pen as souvenirs of our visit. We also indulged ourselves with some delicious looking fudge as well before making our way back to the bus station for the bus back to the holiday park.


6 thoughts on “Blown away in Bridlington

  1. ’tis pouring down here, TG, and I see Bridlington and the surrounding areas are in the… um. same boat? … I love fudge (any left for a sweet toothed person? :-D) I hope the weather picks up soon, or you’ll soon have a rusty look instead of gloriously sun-kissed. xPenx

  2. What a smashing day you had TG, making the best out of it, regardless of scalping and soaking, but I give it to you, you take it all in good humour.
    I love haddock so tasty compared with Cod.
    Fudge? no, too sweet.
    Like the idea of a ‘fringe magnet’ was that to keep your hair on in the front? lol I just couldn’t resist that one. sorry.

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