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A walk along the cliffs

As usual, the weather didn’t promise anything (more rain in other words) on Friday, and as we had our packing to do, we decided a hearty cooked breakfast in the restaurant was called for, followed by a walk around the holiday park and along the cliffs to the south. As it turned out, I didn’t really enjoy the breakfast, I tend to grill mine when I cook one, and it was far too fatty for my liking. K enjoyed hers though. We then set off along the road towards the pitch area for anyone staying in tents etc, or who bring their own towing caravans.

On the edge of the parkReighton Sands from the cliff walk

It wasn’t raining thank goodness, and once we set off along the cliff top and it turned out to be a very enjoyable walk.

Cliff top walk stitch

There were supposed to be some newts to see around the walk but I didn’t spot any, despite trying to be as quiet as possible. I only wished that I felt up to walking much further along the path but as it was, I soon felt tired, and so we cut the walk short and returned to the holiday park.

Walk on the cliffs stitch 2

You can just see what the surrounding countryside looks like around those parts, its spectacular, and besides enjoying the breath-taking views, there are loads of attractive wild flowers growing everywhere.


It had certainly been a holiday to remember this year, what with gale force winds and pouring rain, but nethertheless, enjoyable if only for the break away to somewhere different and which held some pleasant memories of when the children were younger.


7 thoughts on “A walk along the cliffs

  1. Hats off to you Technogran for making the best out of adversity [I didn’t actually take my hat off you understand – it blew away in the wind]. All you need now is a holiday from the holiday.

    • Yes,I badly need to recooperate from the holiday and go on ad fenitum recuperating. Hope you get your hat back DP, and I have probably spelt all of that wrong!

  2. Just laughing at DP’s comment, and picturing him chasing after his hat!! … Fantastic panoramic views TG, and so, so green. Glad you enjoyed your holiday despite the pitfalls, ‘a change is as good as a rest’ my mum used to say. … Feeling rested? … she was wrong then 😀 xPenx

  3. ::Seth waves:: Leaving you a quick greeting and hoping that you are enjoying a relaxing evening. I feel good… I am finally getting around to visiting and sticking my nose into everyone’s business here on WordPress. Cheers to you… I will be back, don’t shut me out!

  4. Memories are made of these lovely holidays though TG, let’s face it, some people would love to get out and enjoy that walk, I know I bless my good fortune for where I live. The weather seemed the only frly in the ointment for you, apart from a greasy breakfast, yuk. here’s hoping should you be fortunate enough to go next year, the weather will be a bit kinder.
    Lovely views.

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