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Early morning chatter.

I’m an early riser. I always have been, being schooled well as a youngster by my mother that ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.’ This did not work out for me personally unfortunately, and as time has past and I have grown older, my waking time has gradually become earlier and earlier. These days, I’m usually awake and up and about at roughly about 06.00am in the morning, largely depending on the resident crows and their escapades outside. Of course, this alarm call tends to alter depending on the time of year, and this morning I was rudely awakened by loud shouting and chattering from my immediate neighbours in the tree outside at about 05.00am.

They have obviously built a nest in the tree outside my bedroom window, and on closer inspection through said window by an irate me, were being plagued by a magpie. I couldn’t tell if he had managed to take a chick or an egg, but he was very persistent, hence the resulting racket going on. I often imagine myself with a six bore shotgun aiming it through the window at those noisy chattery birds outside.

By the time it had all quietened down I was wide awake, and so not wanting to waste the extra time gained I decided to write this post. I am a very light sleeper unfortunately, with strange prerequisites needed for sleep, such as my bedroom being pitch black and no sounds at all. I have always been like this for as long as I can remember, even as a small girl. Too active a mind, not sleeping deep enough?  Being this kind of sleeper does make you dread going into hospital where they tend to keep lights on etc. it usually results on my discharge in me arriving home resembling some kind of zombie, so tired am I from lack of sleep, having spent most nights during my stay pacing the ward corridors usually frightening the night staff to death.

I can remember a period when I was younger, where I hadn’t slept properly for about three weeks, and as I was working on a machine that I wasn’t too familiar with, I was frightened that I would end up with my fingers trapped in it as I swayed with tiredness during the day. Necessity and desperation took me to the doctors who prescribed tranquillisers and sleeping tablets in sufficient quantity to knock a horse out, so that when I took the first dose I was literally out like a light. Quite what caused this inability to sleep, whether I was worried, tense or stressed I don’t know,  but eventually I did return to my normal sleeping pattern.

I do envy those who can doze off at the drop of a hat, on a bus, on a train, in a chair, and unfortunately during my lifetime I have been surrounded by such sleepers, K is one, my sister another, it takes me all my time to drift off to sleep in my own bed never mind somewhere else. Another incident I recall was when we decided to go down to Skegness for a holiday when the children were small, and journey down there via night coach. The whole coach were fast asleep bar the driver and myself. I was absolutely shattered by the time we arrived at Skegness!

Of course, by the time you arrive at my age you have come to terms with your idiosyncrasies, and therefore I tend to lose no sleep over it (pun intended) it’s just the way I am. If going on holiday, or hospital, or anywhere else where I can look forward to having difficulty sleeping, I just accept it and make the best of it. Now who can I get to demolish that tree or lend me a gun?

TG  Steaming mad

11 thoughts on “Early morning chatter.

  1. I can’t sleep when travelling but in familiar surroundings I sleep like a log. I do go to bed early and get up early and I usually try and fit in a power snooze in the afternoon. My ability to sleep for about 10 hours in every 24 causes much annoyance to ‘you-know-who’ …

  2. Luckily I’m one of those people who can drop off just about anywhere and could probably sleep through the outbreak of another world war (not that I’d want one in order to prove my point, of course). I think that’s probably due to the many years of not being able to sleep properly because of my son’s nightly wanderings when he was younger. My mum’s like you, though – pitch dark and not a sound then up at the crack of dawn.

  3. Hi TG, My ex is one who can sleep as soon as his head touches the pillow, which was a nightmare and he snored … loudly. BUT now, on my own I still find I have to have things ‘just so’.. lights out, window open and the electric air freshener thrumming away… But if I don’t fall asleep straight away, I;m lying there, mind over active, and should my mind decide to compose a poem … yikes, that’s it. no hope..
    Acceptance seems the only way it seems. xPenx

  4. It used to be like the Day of the Jackal here up to five years ago. Spouse used to shoot vermin and corvids from his bedroom window. Now, at 85, he’s not licensed to do anything. The magpies and jays have taken over, but that’s nature. I am stone deaf in my left ear, so I try to sleep on my right side when things get noisy.
    Looking forward to the 21st, when the days will start getting shorter, though.

  5. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather but not at 5:AM in the morning. But… I am an earlier riser also, my internal alarm clock has me up between 5:15am and 5:30am, even on my days off. Uuugh! I get up… go about my business and then on my days off, I will slip between the sheets mid morning and doze off again.
    I am fortunate enough to have no problems dozing off. ZZzzzzzzzz
    Thanks for the enjoyable read and I do hope that you are getting enough sleep! 🙂

  6. Thanks everybody for your comments. If you are a poor sleeper, I think that the best attitude is ‘go with the flow’ and don’t ever get in a tizz about it. Sometimes I find that if I can’t drop off at nigh-time, reading a book in bed can sometimes do the trick.

  7. Hi TG I can totally empathise with those who have weird sleep patterns, since I’ve been on my own, [about 20 yrs] and got older, I consider it a bonus if I get a full night’s sleep, The wakenings have no pattern, I go to bed 10.30, and can be awake at midnight, or 2 am or 3.30 am or 5 am. I usually get up around 6.30 in summer 7 in winter, and often as not have a bit of shut eye in the afternoon, I have to as I am just so tired, It’s maddening as I have things to do during the day and I don’t want to be walking the dogs during the night. especially in winter.

  8. I don’t have much trouble sleeping or waking and am always in a sunny mood. I don’t understand people who are grouchy from the get go. I don’t sleep well when traveling but that is usually on the first night sleeping in a new place.
    Buses and cars no way, but I know people that can sleep anywhere, anytime…it does make one envious.
    As for dark rooms, well I am a scared y cat…I have light curtains in bedroom and a night light….for the dog and cats of course. LOL
    Birds can be a real noisy bunch in the mornings. I had a family of raccoon squabbling several nights last year…I was laughing because I wondered what they were chattering about, it did get old.
    You made me laugh imagining yourself shooting them….LOL Rrrriiigghhhtttt…not Technogranny :0

    • The crows around here are a really noisy bunch! They squabble over just about everything I think, and bully the smaller birds. I wouldn’t shoot them of course, I love all birds and to see them, you can have a right laugh at their antics sometimes, its just when its at 4.30am in the morning! I’ll have to purchase some more earplugs I suppose

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