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I’ve finally lost it.

Well folks, that’s it! Following the slow deterioration of mind and body, I’ve finally flipped. Lost it completely. I might as well face facts. It’s all gone. Mind and body. Off to the clouds or the past or wherever it all disappears to. I will stop being in denial or worse, blaming external sources (or being distracted and influenced by others.)

Steamed up glasses

And which incident has brought about this sudden ‘facing reality’ I hear you ask. I had a shower this morning with my glasses still on my face. More worrying was the actual time it took me to realise that the cause of my very VERY blurred view of the shampoo bottle was actually caused by my steamed up glasses. It took me at least a minute before it dawned on me. Sigh.

It’s all downhill from here!

TG Confused smile

12 thoughts on “I’ve finally lost it.

  1. Relax, TG…you haven’t lost it yet. You’ve been through some major surgery and it’s taking a little time for you to bounce back from that.
    But you will…trust me. All the confusion and absent-mindedness will pass—give yourself time.

    • Are you sure Cass? I do keep blaming it all on other things, chemo, K, mind on other things, medicine, etc, etc. So your saying I’m not really as dippy as I think I am…..hmm.

  2. Oh Dear me. TG, you had me laughing until I remembered searching for new my reading glasses, they were on my face!! Maybe it’s just our highly developed ( 😉 ) minds are otherwise occupied on more important things? Heh!! (well that’s what I like to think anywho!!) xPenx

    • Well Pen, that’s been my usual excuse as well! I’m always worse when I am thinking of something else. Can’t seem to multi-task now like I| used to be able to and think of several things at the same time. Hmm. I asked my surgeon to give me some more CPU whilst he had me under as well! Obviously didn’t oblige.

  3. Oh dear! Don’t worry you are not alone. I usually hunt high and low for my mobile phone to put in my bag when I am on my way out the door and it wouldn’t be the first time I grumbled to whoever I was speaking on it to say I couldn’t find it…then realise I have it to my ear!

  4. Similar thing happened to me the other day.
    Working in a hot and humid climate at the moment, walked out side with me safety glasses on. Took me a while to work out why everything looked so indistinct.

  5. Your all making me feel as if I am normal! I didn’t realize that so many people were exactly like me. I suppose its a compliment to the opticians that my new glasses fit so well, I don’t even realize that I am wearing them.
    Seems that incidents like mine are more common than I thought!

  6. Welcome to the world of Jerry-hat-trick TG. my cleverest stunt on there is pointing the mouse at the TV to change the channel, It’s a fun world here,
    But seriously, as others have said, you’ve been through the mill a bit, and it’s going to take a week or two or three to re-orientate your mind, but enjoy the silly things and have a laugh at them.
    Take care

  7. it’s happens to us one day…I actually slapped my glasses off my face in the shower trying to wash my face…I was like dang I need to remember to take them off. Awesome post.

  8. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ I am not laughing at you really… I am laughing with you. You have most certainly not lost it. Heck, just the other day, I just about forgot to take my socks off before getting into the shower. I say… consider it one of those ‘what in the world moment’ and laugh out loud. 🙂

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