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A solo walk in the sunshine

As K was off with her Dad this morning, I was left to my own devices. The other members of Heartbeat were going on a walk from Mirfield along the canal where they planned to have lunch in the Railway Inn, one of my personal favourite venues. We haven’t been able to go with them on a walk for quite some time owing to my treatment, so I was upset that I wouldn’t be able to go with them on this walk.

Not wanting to waste such a glorious sunny day, I decided to do a solo walk. Setting off from the flat and walking through the cemetery at the side of our estate, then Finkil Street and then down Catherine Slack, up Whinney Hill and back home thereby walking in a rough sort of square. Of course my trusty camera was tucked in my pocket, and the very first thing I spied was a bunch of poppies growing at the side of the road.

A posy of poppies

Onward through the cemetery (always a constant reminder of our frailty!) and I spied that tree full of apples again! Remember how I took a picture of it in the middle of winter when it was still full of apples and featured it in a post? Perhaps they are everlasting apples, or perhaps is a magic apple tree, and they simply never rot and die?

Tree full of apples in the graveyard

Exiting the cemetery gates, I began to run out of puff somewhat as I walked up the road. It’s not very steep, but it did remind me how I am now ‘out of shape’ simply because I haven’t been able to be as active as I usually am of late.

I will have to make up for it once my chemo is finally over. Continuing on to the junction with Finkil street which brought back many memories of taking the children to school when they were smaller and crossing the road with the lollypop lady.

There were no children at all in the small park at the side of the road, but it was only 10.00am so perhaps a little bit early yet, and they were all still in bed!

Next I passed one of my favourite houses. I love this type of house, so full of character and age! Mind you, I had a time capturing it through the overgrown trees which work really well in adding privacy to the house.

I adore this house!

Walking slightly further down the road afforded a nice shot of the house from the side. As you can see, its quite a size!

My favourite house from the side

I just hoped that no one was peering out of one of the windows wondering who that strange woman was taking photos of their house!

From now on, it was mostly downhill, so I could quicken my pace somewhat. It was beginning to feel quite warm in the gorgeous sunshine! Had summer finally arrived? I spied some blackberries ripening in the sunshine, but resisted the temptation to pick some and eat them as I usually do.

Blackberries ripening in the sun

At the bottom of Catherine Slack the small ponies were all stood by the wall waiting for those passing who might have some treats for them. They looked hot and dusty, and in dire need of a drink.

Have  you any carrots?

Up the hill and then on the home straight, passing a young man having a driving lesson who was practicing a three point turn. Quite a few driving instructors use the bottom road for practicing doing three point turns, as its very straight.

I have really enjoyed my walk this morning in the sunshine, and I feel all the better for it.  I hope that you have enjoyed taking it with me!


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