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Best meal of the day!

I’m a breakfast person. I wake up hungry. I can’t function properly without a good breakfast inside me. When I worked, I used to feel quite shaky inside until I had my bacon and egg teacake devoured. For me its the most important meal of the day, but over my lifetime, I have noted that we all  seem to be divided into two distinctive groups, the ‘must eat a breakfast’ types and those who simply can’t seem to stomach anything to eat much before lunch time. K is not particularly bothered about breakfast. She will eat one if you are doing a cooked breakfast, but otherwise she isn’t bothered.



Yet she will gladly still be eating at nightime whereas I don’t want to eat much after about 17.00pm.  I am not a supper person. Those who aren’t bothered about breakfast tend to eat later in the day than I do. In fact I can skip eating at all after lunchtime but breakfast is a must. What type of eater are you? Can you miss breakfast out and if so, are you a supper person?  Or are you like me, waking up in the morning ravenous but not so bothered about eating later in the day?

Answers on a postcard please or alternatively in comments below!


11 thoughts on “Best meal of the day!

  1. Interesting one. for me it is definitely later. If I eat breakfast then I want 11’ses, lunch, high tea, and supper … it’s as if once I start I can’t stop. On the other hand, when I’m working physically, a cup of coffee will keep me going until about 3pm. Part of my problem is that when I’ve eaten, I want to sleep … it must be the Leo in me …

  2. I’ll answer by comment TG, … can’t find any postcards… 😉
    I am a breakfast person, only not often a cooked one, I start with a few prunes, then a bowl of bran, with my own amount of added raisins and cranberries, with a little honey drizzled over the top, (no sugar) then a cup of coffee, (no sugar too and always coffee, don’t know why, as I then have tea at mid day, and coffee again on an evening .. no idea why just habit I guess) … I used to be one who couldn’t face breakfast, but I got over it,… and like you I don’t like to eat after 5 or maybe at the latest, 6 o’clock at night. I suppose you could say we’re all creatures of habit, and get that way just by chance…. as in, the prunes thing?… I travelled to be with my mother in 2004, dying in hospital in Ireland, and the lovely woman who looked after me in the guest house, Kathleen I think her name was,, gave me prunes every day,(other things too, 😀 but the prunes stand out for some reason) and I just seemed to carry on the tradition. strange how things work out… xPenx

  3. Porridge, fruit, and beetroot juice! That’s wintertime. In the summer I have some sort of oaty cereal with one of those concoctions which is supposed to lower cholesterol. I never ,ever, drink tea or coffee.
    Of course, if I’m away I have the full works, prefaced by the usual cliche `I never have a cooked breakfast normally’.

  4. OOOps, this was way down my email list found as I was deleting loads..
    Food is one thing I love, I’m not fussed about fancy cookery but do like food in most shape, form, colour and taste, except cooked carrots, yeeuk, and Scotch broth with all that pearl barley, I was made eat both during the war and puke at the thought. BUT, |I do love my breakfast, cereal of any sort with honey, then toast and marmalade and tea, which I make with proper tea leaves, lunch can be anything from beans and toast to a full blown, tea at 6 pm is toast with banana mashed on it and tea. as Pen said we are all creatures of habit. Food glorious food….tra..la..

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