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In and out again in one day.

My latest excursion to hospital, and one that I will admit I was absolutely dreading, was for a kidney stent fitting. Owing to the septic infection I suffered, it had become blocked. Not completely, or it would have shrivelled up and died within three weeks or so causing me to loose the right kidney. Because I like to do my ‘homework’ about any procedure I am to be put through, I went online to find out more about what it all entailed and read some real horror stories of others who had had the procedure done, so as you can imagine, I entered the hospital with a sinking feeling and very reluctantly.

vaious ureteric stents

Back on Ward 12, I was also placed back in, what had been previously referred to as the ‘cold room’ where I didn’t get a wink of sleep for the cold temperature on my last stay on Ward 12. This time however, one of the staff nurses assured me that this was NOT the cold room, that was across the corridor. Hmm. The nurses station is right outside the door of this room which is why it tends to be used for very ill patients and sure enough, no sooner had I placed all of my clothes and toiletries in cupboards, drawers and the bathroom, and got myself settled in, than a staff nurse entered and told me I would have to move to the four bed ward, as a patient was due in who was very ill.

I had been told by the X-ray department secretary in her correspondence to me, that I would be having the procedure done first thing in the morning, but as the time ticked slowly by, there was no sign of anyone arriving with a wheelchair to take me down. I asked one of the staff and she rang to enquire on my behalf, informing me that it wasn’t going to be done until the afternoon. Hmm. I was of course getting more and more nervous by the minute! Transferring into the shared four bedded ward gave me something to take my mind of the upcoming procedure if nothing else.

Then we had a slight disagreement between the staff on the ward and myself regarding whether or not I could have something to drink. The instructions sent to me by the X ray secretary had firmly stipulated that I was to have nothing to eat or drink from midnight the night before. Of course we had the dinner ladies coming round asking me what I wanted to order for my dinner, and by that time I was absolutely starving! The ward staff insisted I could have a cup of tea (at about 10.00am) after consulting with the X ray department about it. (Meanwhile, I was secretly wishing they would all get their act together!)

After waiting all day (and becoming a nervous wreck in the process!) finally at about 16.00pm, a man came around the corner pushing a wheelchair and speaking my name. Here goes! What a ride! He must have been trying to break some record or other regarding how fast he could get a patient down from Ward 12 to the X ray department because I was fairly whizzed down there! I swear we were taking corners on one wheel! As if I wasn’t nervous  enough already! I wondered what my blood pressure would be if they took it before beginning the procedure, clinging to the hope that it would be postponed because it was too high!

On arrival, I was introduced to all the nurses (well, X ray department nurses dressed in maroon) and the man who was to do the procedure who was dressed in green with matching hat. He discussed the procedure with me and did a little drawing ( which of course I know off by heart from the internet) of my kidney and the stent going down from it to my bladder, I asked my questions, and then they led me into a room which contained a portable Toshiba scanner and a very high bed. I had to climb onto it with the help of some steps and then lay down on my tummy.

I was informed that the scanner was ‘acting up’ and had crashed. Hmm. Mind over matter? Have I finally learned how to control hardware with my mind? I waited atop my perch whilst they fiddled with the scanner. Finally some cold wet stuff was placed on my back, and he scanned the area where my kidney was. I saw him beckon over some of the X ray nurses, then he went into another room, finally returning to tell me that my kidney was now normal size and that therefore there was no need to continue with the procedure!

For a moment, I forgot how high up in the air I was, and very nearly did myself an injury jumping off the bed! I have never been so relieved about anything in all my life! The nurses were laughing with me as I yelled out ‘My prayers have been answered! There really is a God!” and the surgeon thought I meant him and was well chuffed!  One of the nurses accompanied me back to the ward, and I very nearly skipped all the way back! A doctor came to see me and I was told I could go home. I was dressed and out of that hospital before you could say ‘Jack Robinson!’

TG Open-mouthed smile

5 thoughts on “In and out again in one day.

  1. Crikey TG what a performance, I hope to God I never have to go through anything liek that, the only good bit was being told you could go home without surgery, I too would have been elated. I hate the thought of needles and wires and things poking into you, I’ve been suggested an operation for this frozen shoulder, but I said I’d try the Occupational Therapy first, and even that I could do without.
    Anyhow I hope the kidney has cured itself with a little thought matter from yourself, and you’ll be hospital free for the foreseeable future [doesn’t that sound like politician talk LOL ?] take care

  2. Jack Robin….. You did disappear like a flash TG, and I don’t blame you. Mind over matter indeed, and thank goodness it worked just when it did matter .. .. 😀 . fantastic news, but all that waiting around would have sent me half way round the bend, … mind you, some say I’m there already. 😉 xPenx

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