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Change of Theme (Again!)

Sorry everyone, I’m at it again, changing the theme of my WordPress blog! I do prefer wider themes, simply because if you then include a picture in your post, you can show a larger size and more importantly, you can fit more words onto a line! This new theme is far wider. Mind you, its not perfect, I prefer a larger title and header the fonts used are far too small! So, until I get fed up of this one, your all stuck with it! Sorry!


7 thoughts on “Change of Theme (Again!)

  1. NO problems TG,and loving the header of Sandy Beach, just imagining I’m walking by the shore.. Sigh!! I keep trying different ones on my 2nd Blog to see how they look. Trouble is I feel so at home with the one I chose for my main blog from the start that I’m stuck with it… IN a nice way. of course. .. 😉 xPenx

  2. It looks OK TG, I love changing my theme back-ground though I do it more on Blogspot, and I agree that WP’s font size is a bit small, Also agree that Pen’s is just so right for her posts.

    • I’ve got a penpusher2 blog Arlene, which I use to try out other themes. makes me go round in circles changing this and that header and background, so I’m so tired out by the experience It cures me of wanting a change on my main one. 😉 (sad little person I am!!) xPenx

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