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A Canal walk in the October sunshine.

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful walk alongside the canal in the gorgeous sunshine that we are all currently enjoying in the UK.  In a way, it’s not the best weather to walk in, simply because you do tend to get rather hot, but we were all armed with plenty of bottles of water to drink in order to avoid getting dehydrated.  After all meeting up in the bus station where we all distributed ourselves into various cars for the journey to the start of the walk, we set off at about 11.15am. It wasn’t too warm at this stage, and the side of the canal that we were on was well shaded by the trees.  We have both missed going on the walks of late, and therefore K was having a real problem keeping up with the others. She has never been too good at walking on uneven surfaces, and this part of the canal does not have a very wide ‘walkway’, its  just a narrow path with lot’s of uneven grass at either side.

A glorious start to October!

It was also quite muddy in parts shaded by the trees, despite the last few days of sunshine. On the return journey, the inevitable happened. K fell in the mud. We were all making our way under one of the bridges, and the path was very muddy where it hadn’t been able to dry out. I told her to walk at the top where there didn’t appear to be as much mud. Her foot slipped from underneath her and down she went. I just couldn’t stop her from falling despite the fact that I was holding her arm. She ended up covered in mud, all down her trousers and her shoes. It did dry out somewhat during the rest of the walk though, so she was able to go into Witherspoons for a meal at the end of the walk where we could get the chance to cool down. Hope you all enjoy the photos I took along the way.

The pedestrian bridge

Getting left behind

Underneath the M62


6 thoughts on “A Canal walk in the October sunshine.

  1. Lovely scenic walk TG, and loved the photo’s, especially of the Narrow Boats, I fancy going on a holiday on one. (next year hopefully) … We have a Canal system here and it’s a wonderful place to commune with nature and stare at the water whilst relaxing… I hope K recovered from the nasty fall, always a downer, but good to read that the muddy marks dried and all was ok… (My sis once fell slap bang into a cowpat…reeked for the rest of the day… I kept saying it wasn’t too bad, but I’m so, so glad it wasn’t a hot weather like we’re experiencing now 😉 ) …. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed the exercise… xPenx

    • Thanks Penny. Strange you should mention living on a narrowboat. I was saying exactly that when we passed a couple on theirs moored up at the side of the path. Such a relaxing life to live!

  2. Glad K was OK. Still it’s the right time of year for a fall I suppose. I’ll soon be getting to the stage where I don’t just fall over but I ‘have’ a fall – a significant time in someone’s life.

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