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A short walk that ended up long.

We went on another walk with Heartbeat yesterday, the intention was to catch a bus up to Southowram and then walk back down to the bottom, where we would continue along the canal tow path back to town. We actually began the walk right at the top of Southowram where the bus does a turn around before its journey onwards to Halifax. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and we all set off back down the hill at quite a pace. In fact, K and I were leading the party and setting a cracking pace. You get some wonderful views across the countryside during this walk as you are quite high up in regard to the vista afforded from the road. There are few houses along the route but those people who are lucky to own one of them must enjoy some stunning views from their windows. K was in a rush to see the two ponies which are usually to be found in one of the fields as you begin the steeper descent down to the bottom of the hill.

She was rewarded for her efforts after I ‘clicked’ them over to the wall.

Where's the sweet gone?

Of course she insisted that the white one was ‘Shadowfax’ from the Lord of the Rings! At this point, the others joined us and both ponies were given various sweets to chomp. Polo mints mainly.


On arrival at the canal, most of the group wanted to continue in the opposite direction along the canal because the weather was so enjoyable, but K had made plans for us to go to Halifax for some serious spending (she needed a new watch basically as her strap had broken) so we parted company at that point as we made our way back to town. This part of the canal is in my opinion, one of the nicest stretches anyway, so I took some more shots.

reflections in the autumn sunshine

Peeping through the trees

If you look very closely at this one, you may be able to just make out two fishermen fishing in the river Calder.

reflections and shadows

As you can see, cyclists often use this stretch of the canal because the tow path is wide enough for walkers and cyclists to use.

Bull rushes in the canal

Amazingly enough, this is taken just outside town! We are really lucky that you can enjoy sights such as this just five minutes walk from town. Also I took this because there are bull rushes growing in the foreground of the picture.


7 thoughts on “A short walk that ended up long.

      • No problem, just glad to know all is Ok with you, I know the feeling, sometimes I just can’t think of a thing, but usually once I get started, my fingers go as fast as my tongue, in physical speak. 🙂

  1. On a fly by… hoping you enjoyed a splendid Christmas with the one’s you love.
    And may the New Year be filled with Peace, Love and Happiness.

    Raven xox

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