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A most unwelcome visitor



 Following the last few days of constant rain and gale force winds, which have caused me personally to be confined indoors as I simply refuse to go out in the rain, we were able to venture out this morning and enjoy some glorious sunshine and blue skies at last.  ‘Hurray’ I thought as we walked down to town, enjoying the rare glimpsed winter sun in the sky, ‘let’s hope that’s the last of the rain!’ only to have my hopes instantly dashed as we landed home and found the dreaded card laying on our doormat.  Yes, you’ve guessed it! He’s been! The best rainmaker in the whole wide world has called whilst we were out! So sorry everyone, it will be rain as usual from today, my blasted window cleaners been!

TG Steaming mad

4 thoughts on “A most unwelcome visitor

    • Well…..DP, he always seems to turn up just as the sun makes a return, then as soon as he’s cleaned the windows, the heaven’s open! I’ve asked him politely to go and work in the desert where they need his services more than I, but he won’t…..sigh

  1. Usually it’s when I’ve washed the car, it”s a signal for the rain to come splashing down, but let’s hope you were wrong this time, I too have had enough rain, but unfortunately I have to take the dogs out.

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