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Walking on the frosty side.

We went on a walk yesterday along our local canal.  As in other parts of the country, our canal has become a haven for walkers, joggers and also cyclists. Yesterday was one of those days when your not quite sure how to dress, it was bitterly cold and there had been a sharp frost during the night, causing the pavements to glitter with a thousand tiny stars as the sun shone down on them. We were all dressed in warm coats scarves and the like, and in my case gloves as well. Determined to get some really good shots of both the canal and also try to capture the frosty conditions, I also toted my camera with me. As soon as we set off, daughter ‘hooked’ herself up with the tallest member of our walk that she could find who is well over six foot, which looked rather comical as they both strolled along seeing as she is only five feet tall.

Frosty Canal walk

I stayed as much in front of the other walkers as I possibly could, mainly because I try not to get too many of the walking party in my shots, and also because every time I stop to take a shot the rest go marching by and I have to run in order to catch up. What was amazing was that the whole stretch of the canal looked rather strange and ethereal because the side that we walked on was shielded from the sun and therefore covered in frost, whilst the opposite side was bathed in sunshine and frost free!  This afforded some quite interesting pictures of a contrast not only in light and dark, shade and sunshine, but heat and cold as well.

Finally here’s a panoramic stitch which encompasses the strangeness of it all for me, the gorgeous colours on the far bank, the resulting reflections in the still water, and the cold frosty side that we were walking along.

A frosty walk along the canal.

Following the walk, we ended up in ‘The Old Ship Inn’ which as many of my readers will no doubt be aware is currently one of our favourite eating venues, where we both enjoyed a bowl of their delicious warming Copper Dragon Stew with Herbie Dumplings.

Copper Dragon Stew with Herbie Dumplings.

TG Open-mouthed smile

7 thoughts on “Walking on the frosty side.

  1. The first picture captures winter beautifully. I always wonder how the swimming birdies cope [are they geese in that piccy? – I can’t get the sense of scale] – their tootsies always look as though they’d feel the cold.

  2. What a nice walk, and isn’t it fascinating to see the two different sides of the canal, spring on one, and winter on the other, made a very interesting subject. I can relate to K as I too am only
    5 ‘ 0″ tall [or short ]

  3. Looks like a wonderful walkway and I love the bridge. Bridges are so lovely to me. I like how you used one of the photos for your header 😀 Nice… It appears you have no snow. We finally are getting snow here, it has been snowing all day, looks like about 6 inches so far.
    Have a great weekend!

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