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A shopping list from K.

K wrote out a shopping list for me today, so that I wouldn’t forget all those very important purchases. Here it is:

Har gel. Must be for pirates! Har har!

anger juice.   Do I  really need to drink any of this? 



10 thoughts on “A shopping list from K.

  1. My inbox contained quite a surprise! I subscribe to this blog and get an email whenever a new post is added. This one, today, was different. Wish I could show you, but the images in the post don’t link to larger version, but are full size in the email. The pirate at 1024x768px not so bad, but the scream at 1192x1611px – overwhelming. I gor to sent you a screen shot!

    • That’s because I snatched them using the new IE10! LOL Then placed them into Live Writer and they were gigantic inside the post so I resized them down. Of course the explanation is that as yet, we haven’t got the new version of Live Writer yet, this is still last years model and obviously hasn’t been ‘tuned’ to work with IE10 (the Metro version I mean.) I suppose I should have used the desktop version for my screen grabs, and will do next time. Thanks for letting me know Ludwig. It’s all fun and games so far isn’t it? LOL

    • She is available for hire DP if you need any shopping lists doing. Can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to purchase everything written down there, but then sometimes that’s a good thing don’t you think? Saves a bob or two.

  2. I still have a shopping list from when I got my first flat. It goes –
    Gas cooker……..
    Well, I was just starting out 🙂

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