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One of those days.


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I’ve just had one of those days today. The sort of day where you look back over it and wonder what on earth you have been doing all day. You see, yesterday we spent the entire day clothes shopping. It will no doubt come as a surprise my male readers (if I have any that is) but I am one of those rare females who hates shopping. We were shopping for some holiday clothes during one of the coldest May’s I am sure has ever existed and which didn’t really fill me with much enthusiasm to find myself rifling through shorts, pedal pushers, short sleeved t-shirts and the like. To add to the rubbishy ‘fed up’ mood I was in, I couldn’t seem to find anything I liked or that fitted me properly.

You see, I like trousers to come right up to the waist and give a snug fit around it. None of this ‘hanging from the hips’ business for this Gran! Every single garment tried on didn’t fit around my waist at all, despite fitting everywhere else. Daughter was having no luck either, as her search for size 18 short leg trousers with matching top drew a complete blank. (Finding clothes to fit Down’s Syndrome people is a nightmare, because of their shortish arms and legs)  We had searched in Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencers, and despite the fact that we didn’t seem to be having much luck, we had still managed to spend quite a sizable amount. I was fed up. My back was aching, my feet were hurting, and I was just about to insist that we go home when we had a bit of an argument regarding that old stalwart for ladies of my particular age, BonMarche. I was more or less sure that it had shut up shop but Kerri insisted that it was still open.

Wagering a small bet of £5 to the winner, we marched up through town to check. She was right (as she so often is) and at last I found some white pedal pushers with an elasticated waist. Sure, BonMarche is no fashion boutique and is firmly aimed at the older woman, but their trousers are just how I like trousers to fit, right up to the waist and with no excess sticking out of the back. I bought a pair of summer weight jeans as well as the white pedal pushers. At last we could return home!

However, I didn’t bother trying them on in the shop (too fed up to bother) and when I did get around to it at home they were a size too big, and so today we have had to return to BonMarche for a smaller size. We decided to try Huddersfield first (despite the fact that I had bought them in Halifax) but the Huddersfield branch didn’t have the smaller size, so we had to catch a bus to Halifax. The only one due was the 501 Arriva bus which was already in the stand. We boarded and sat ourselves down, fully expecting a roughly half an hour journey or thereabouts. Hmm. What we didn’t know was that this route took in most of West Yorkshire including a circular tour around just about every farm, estate and field in Kirklees and Calderdale. We were even treated to the sight of a field full of black sheep! BLACK SHEEP! I thought they only existed in nursery rhymes! 

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To make matters worse, it didn’t seem to have any heating. I honestly hadn’t a clue whereabouts we were and can remember the thought crossing my mind as we chugged along, that if the bus happened to  brake down we would be completely lost. There were some familiar sights along the way of course, though they were few and far between,  Huddersfield hospital to give one example and we also passed Ainley Top at some point in the journey which we both recognised, we did go through Elland (eventually) but then went off on some detour around the countryside before finally joining the road to Halifax. I didn’t actually time the entire journey from Huddersfield but I am sure we were travelling for nearly two hours. By the time we reached our destination, the weather had taken a turn for the worse and we spent the short time we were in town dashing quickly up and down the streets just to keep ourselves warm.

I did get the pedal pushers changed so we did achieve our goal. Eventually!


8 thoughts on “One of those days.

  1. Sandra I get Sarah’s cropped leg pants in Evans usually in the sale after summer ready for the next summer

    • Yes, we did look in Evans. Do they have ‘short leg’ can’t remember. Its the problem of going for the width (large posterior) combined with the short legs. It has got easier over the years to shop for them, it used to be an absolute nightmare because you couldn’t get the short leg sizes.

  2. Oh dear! On a beautiful sunny day that could have been a lovely ride, but not in the cold when you’re already fed-up. I’m glad that when you got to Halifax they at least had your size. That would really have been the limit if you’d got there to discover they were out of the smaller size. I hope you have a pleasant glass of wine standing by now and can relax for the rest of the evening. Cheers!

    • Not sure I can have wine at the mo Tricia as my liver is acting up a bit. Will be getting it CT scanned after our holiday…(in fact, I think I need a complete new body to be honest with you, or new parts….)

      • Oh dear, that’s rough, I hope you have a great holiday, and hopefully the change will revitalise you. As for a new body, as they say, getting older is not for the weak!!

  3. Luckily my TG hates shopping as well. The usual system is to order a million items from M&S online and then send them back …

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