Beauty all around us.

Strange isn’t it how it can take a brush with Mr Death before you begin to appreciate all the beauty that is all around you.

Beautiful bluebells

These are just a few pictures I snapped yesterday as we walked down to town to do our shopping. I have to confess that I much prefer wild flowers to the garden variety, not sure why, and bluebells are amongst my favourites.

Bluebells up close.

These bluebells were all growing in the grounds of what used to be an old peoples home, where one of my Aunties was residing.  Now its just a forgotten and unloved site. The building itself has been demolished and since then, the grounds have become populated with wild flowers such as these bluebells and wild onions.  People keep taking the coping stones from the wall so eventually I suppose there will be nothing left of that either.

There are residents there though, a squirrel dashing up the tree trunk as I ventured down the drive to take these pictures. He watched me from a safe vantage point high above.Wild onions and bluebells

It fills me with the satisfying knowledge that if we humans suddenly disappeared from earth, that our wonderful planet would simply dust itself off, brush itself down and restore itself to its former gorgeous wild state that it was before we came along.