A Picture says a thousand words.

I read lot’s of blogs where the author can write interesting stories that grip you, and that you just can’t resist reading without the need for the inclusion of a picture or photo with which to illustrate their subject matter. I have never tried to compose a blog post without a picture, in fact looking back, it was blogging that really encouraged me to never leave my humble abode without a camera stashed about my person ‘just in case’ an incident occurred that might be the prompt for an interesting blog post. Some bloggers are capable enough to be able to ‘paint a picture’ to their readers without feeling the need to include the subject matter pictorially. I find that I seem to need the extra impetus of a picture of my subject matter in order to spur me into writing or to give me ideas for a blog post but I do wish my words stood on their own. I can enjoy reading someone’s blog post who relies entirely on words contained within simply because as a reader, I then have to use my imagination to visualise the scene or the incident that the writer is describing without the visual prompt of a picture to guide me, I can let my own imagination run riot, fully imagining the people featured in the post, how they look and appear and this is of course usually made easier to do when the author make ample use of descriptive words in order to describe the scene and the persons appearing in it, and this is especially true if I have had personal experience of similar incidents in my life.

Could I do the same? Could I write a post consisting of just words that held my readers interest without a pictorial ‘clue’ or intro? Can I be descriptive enough without using a ‘trigger’ to entice my readers to stay awhile and linger? Indeed, would it be true to myself to use only words and not to rely on a pictorial clue as to the content?  Trouble is, I need to illustrate, not only the post itself, but also my thoughts and feelings.

What do you all think?  Do you always feel the need to include a picture or photo to help convey your story?