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Thoughts from the corner seat.


I don’t want to give the impression that I tend to spend a lot of time whiling away the hours sat in the Merrie England coffee bar, but I did find myself sitting in my usual favourite corner seat on Tuesday, contemplating some of the other patrons as I did so.  It wasn’t planned at all to even pay a visit, but suddenly I was overcome by an urge to sample a piece of their delicious home cooked apple pie, an experience that I wish you could all try out. Oozing with apple and surrounded by melt in the mouth pastry, its to die for, and this Granny shouldn’t even eat it!  Knowing full well that in all probability, I’d be wracked with tummy ache afterwards, I decided to risk it and found myself standing at the counter ordering a piece of apple pie (without ice cream or cream though!) and a small latte coffee.

Peering down the room as I waited, I noted that my favourite corner spot was currently occupied by a lady known to me.  I made my way down the aisle towards her just as she was just about to leave.  We made polite conversation and I then took her place in the corner to enjoy my treat.  Glancing around from my vantage point, I couldn’t see anyone that I recognised.  As I sat there observing everyone, I noticed a lady trying to find somewhere to sit.  As most of the tables already had at least one occupant, she eventually ended up asking another lady who was sat at a table in the middle row if it was okay to sit at her table.  She sat down. They obviously did not know one another.  After a few minutes of sitting opposite each other in silence, they eventually began a polite conversation, such as the one that took place between myself and the man with a Kindle on my previous visit to Merrie England, when I ended up sitting at his table.

As I watched between these two ladies who had previously been strangers to one another, it did made me wonder how many people had become friends simply by sitting at the same table and striking up a conversation with each other.  It would be very interesting to be able to find out wouldn’t it?



10 thoughts on “Thoughts from the corner seat.

  1. Mouthwatering picture! One thing is a bit surprising to me: The color of the apples and fillings seems very white. Over on this side of the pond our apple pies have a darker tone. I will need to do extensive research into this! Oh, yes, it is “color” over here.

  2. I’ve never made any lasting friends through striking up conversation with a stranger in a cafe or restaurant, though have spent many an interesting and welcome half hour this way most have been made through walking the dogs.

    • I confess that as much as I am a talker, and will gladly converse with anyone, I haven’t either. Hmm. Maybe the answer is that no one has ever formed a lasting friendship through sitting at a table in a coffee shop!

  3. We have struck up conversations with strangers, but none has led to a lasting friendship, especially when we are on road trips. However, we have had some interesting conversations at the time, even if short-lived and temporary.

  4. Hi TG! Greg Edwards told me that you were able to keep your user name in Google Plus. At this point I am kicked out of Google Plus, even though I have had my Google user name for years. I actually want to use the Picasa photo service that Google has but apparently I need Google Plus to use it. What did you do and how did you do it? Thanks! X

    • They verified my ‘nickname’ because I’ve been using Blogger since I don’t know when, also Picasa, and I am known on the internet via other sites such as Twitter, etc by that name. Because they could verify that is the name I am known by on the Internet, they allowed me to use it. So, if you are well known on the internet as the name X-Evolutionist and can prove it, i.e it is searchable, they will approve it, so just appeal.

      • Hi TG, I filed an appeal with links to Twitter Facebook, etc. Also blogger. but I got another rejection with the link to the name rules. I filed another appeal with links to even more sites., but I was rejected again. Oh well. Thank you very much for the information. X

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