A Spring Clean

I’m currently having  a spring clean of my blogs, so don’t think your off your marbles if every time you come a visiting this way, things have changed beyond recognition. I’m also toying with the idea of changing my WordPress blog title to ‘Neither here nor there’ which sums me up so much more than ‘Technogran’s Tales’

However, my  ex Spacers friends (if I still have any that is) know my diary blog as Technogran’s Tales so it might be confusing for them. (or if they are used to me, then maybe not)

Please be patient and bare with me during this faffing about that I seem to have to do at least once a year. If you want to blame anyone, blame WordPress for constantly bringing out all of these lovely themes!


Change of heart.

Remember how I promised that I was going to leave this blog alone now and not change it anymore? That was before the WordPress themeteam introduced their new theme. Sorry everyone but its changing again! If it’s any consolation, I get on my own nerves always chopping and changing but I do like the new theme, so until the next one I fall in love with then this one will remain.