The door lock Saga.

Following being instructed by my Oncologist to ‘sort something out for Kerri’ and following some intense consultations with her social worker, it was decided by all concerned that the best plan was to look at Kerri living in a supported living house with three other tenants who have varying special needs. The only venue with a vacancy was fairly close to where she goes for day care services, and as an added bonus she knows one of the tenants already living there.

We visited to look around. The room that was chosen as her bedroom needed lot’s of work doing to it such as decorating to her taste, new carpet, new furniture etc, and she and I began saving like mad, not an easy task over the Christmas period! Slowly Kerri was introduced to the other tenants and support staff via various ‘tea visits’ and a sleepover which ended up being a complete shambles, where because she couldn’t lock her bedroom door from the inside in order for some privacy and to feel safe, she ended up spending the night sleeping in her friends bed!

So we obviously insisted on a ‘privacy lock’ being fitted to the door before she was prepared to sleep over again. Time went by and eventually a lock (actually an old toilet lock judging by the fact that it stated on the outside of the door ‘Vacant’ when unlocked and ‘Engaged’ when locked!).  Whilst up there delivering some bedding for her new bed, we tried the lock out just to make sure that Kerri could move the bolt on from her side at night.  All seemed well and although it was a trifle stiff to move, needing a lean against the door to fully lock, she managed to move the bolt fully home.  A sleepover was arranged for Tuesday of this week.  I envisaged no problems now that her bedroom was looking attractive and she could lock the door.


How wrong did that prove to be!  Apparently following tea and a bath, she decided to go and lay down on her bed for a nap. Of course this  entailed locking her door, when horrors of horrors, the knob on the bolt came off in her hand!  She was locked in!  Shouting out “Help!” to the staff soon brought assistance and they sent for the fire brigade to come and break down the door so that she could get out!   I could see it all in my minds eye, the fire truck lights ablazing screeching up outside, several burly firemen rushing in to rescue Kerri from her predicament!  And this is only her second sleep over!

WP_20130215_001Needless to say that a new lock has now been put on her bedroom door that seems much more suitable and really should have been installed in the first place. Where the joiner had got the previous one from I dread to think!  A job lot from demolished toilets?  To be honest with you all, I’ve actually been having nightmares about this blasted bedroom lock, and doing some internet homework (entailing scouring Amazon and also visiting our local Wicks) I found some really good one’s for just £10 and was actually tempted at one point to buy one and employ my own joiner to fit it to the door!

PhotoI laughed so much about this incident and my thoughts on how the support staff up there are going to have to adjust to my daughter and her needs (and frequent ‘incidents’!). The other residents have never asked for a ‘privacy lock’ to be fitted to their doors, she has insisted, she knows what she wants, she has demands and voices them in no uncertain terms (though she still uses me far too much as her spokesperson) but little do they know this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.  There will never be a dull moment, that I can promise!

Wonder what’s next?


View from my kitchen window.

Two separate mornings, two different skies, an ever changing landscape of different colours and effects to watch from my kitchen window as I do the washing up.

Frosty,sunny and misty

Frosty cold and misty with clear blue skies.

A Frosty morning

Still frosty and cold but with a sky peppered with tiny fluffs of clouds.

What is it?

And one from K who went dashing out of the door in her pajamas the other night in order to capture a full (and frosty) moon.


Snowed In!

For the last two days we have not moved from this abode. K has been housebound.  No transport to take her to Day Care though as usual I was reminded that if I could get her there staff were in situ.  Hmm. Pity the helicopter’s being serviced isn’t it? So Tuesday I had the pleasure of hearing constant hassle to plod out regardless, call a taxi or sledge down on one of our tea trays  into the thick snow for some shopping. When I flatly refused, we had mutterings, grumbles, looks that could kill, and all born by me with a blatant resolve not to give in to the evil looks and curses made under the breath.

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Pictures of York.

K returned from her venture to York dungeon yesterday with some pics for you all. She took more, but I am not allowed to show those containing the other Day Care people for privacy reasons. So just a few I’m afraid.


I like this one simply because she has captured the fog so well,


As always there has to be a self portrait. (or should I say, self photo?)


Where’s that fridge magnet for my Mum? ( that I had given her a fiver for)

Guess Who?

Hmm. Wonder who this is?

Can you give me a hand?

We’d all love another pair of hands!


Another nice shot by the river. Her photos get better and better!


In fact this one is crying out for a ‘black and white’ makeover.


Again, nice shot of this bridge. She did attempt a panoramic shot of this, but it didn’t quite work. She puts my photo attempts to shame!


TG  Embarrassed smile

Spooky Halloween!

Many of my readers will be aware of my daughters acting abilities. She is a born actress, spends the majority of her time watching films or television programs and has always been   very interested in effects and make up. We only had three ‘Trick or Treaters’ call last night, so in order to add to the whole affair and in the spirit (sorry, pun intended) of Halloween, she began trying out various attempts to spook her Mum who was trying vainly to catch up on watching some of my recent TV recordings. It was all so funny that I grabbed my camera and took a photo of her escapades for you all, and here they are.

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York shopping trip photos

Here are some more photos of our Brandy laced shopping trip in York for you all to enjoy. (Well apart from those containing me that is)

All taken by K as she chomped and slurped her way around the Xmas market stalls. The one of the handsome guy stood lolling against a stall is of course her new friend who was serving out the hot chocolate laced with Brandy. (Or was it Brandy laced with hot chocolate?)


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Just a couple of photos taken of my boss with my new Samsung Tocco Lite.

Yes I know! Your all heartily sick and tired of hearing about the blasted thing by now but……..I was requested to show some pics, so here you are. Two I have just taken now of my boss stood in the kitchen in her jammies. (what else!)

Covered in roses Photo0003


Not bad for a 3.2mp camera is it, and I love the effects you can add to a portrait. Will have to ‘mess around’ with it some more!


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Confused? You will be!

Conversations with K, or how to become dippier by the day.


It's Me! Here for your delight are a sample of conversations with my lovely daughter this week All included in this blog to demonstrate why I have arrived at the current mental state of being slightly Gaga, round the bend, or two cans  short of a six pack.

Tuesday 21.10pm.

K enters the room where I am trying to watch the latest escapades on Big Brother.

Mum, after we have been to the hairdressers on Saturday, can we go to Halifax?”

Me. “Why?” innocent and perfectly reasonable question considering that normally after a two hour stunt spent in the hairdressers without any food  K is usually anxious to high tail it to the nearest McDonalds for a fill up.

I'm confused, and dippy,and gaga!Cos the new Argos catalogue is out.”

Me sounding rather reluctant. “We’ll see.”

Or  we could go on Friday!” K ventures as an alternative suggestion.

Why what day is it out?”

On Saturday.”  

Yesterday 15.05pm.

K enters room where I am busy at the keyboard (that makes a change!)

Mum, will you spell me ‘hostectomy’  ?????? (She means hysterectomy, all because she hates being a woman, and plans to ask our doctor if she can have everything removed, either next time we are in the surgery, or alternatively once I have kicked the bucket, whichever comes sooner.) and also oterus?” (uterus)  Hmm, she must be putting all this down in her daily diary I thought to myself.

As  I wrote the spellings down on the scrap of paper that she presented to me, I couldn’t help thinking its a  good job that I didn’t set up that Space for her to use on Windows Live!  And here I must add that K thinks I am some sort of walking Encyclopaedia with knowledge about everything under the sun including an added spelling ability to rival any dictionary, unlike my two son’s who would rather die first before asking me or consulting me about anything at all.

This Morning 08.15am.


tarantula Me sat at the computer keyboard . (can you see a pattern emerging here readers?)

K arrives at my side and promptly thrusts her camera in front of my face which shows in its display a rather large spider crawling up a wall.

What sort of spider is this Mum?”  (add to my necessary repertoire being a naturalist as well as everything else)

Me horrified and ready to launch myself out of my computer chair and grab the nearest broom, cloth, etc to kill said dangerous looking spider with, “ whereabouts is it? Is it in your bedroom?”

No, its not in my bedroom!  Its  a spider from ‘Jungle to Jungle’! You are silly Mum!”    Why do spiders have three eyes?”  ?????

I don’t know! ” I answer, trying to recover my normal heart rate from the previous shock of thinking my daughter had a resident Tarantula in her bedroom. “I think they have far more than three eyes!  All the better to see you in triplicate I suppose!” (If you don’t know the answer to one of K’s numerous enquiries then make a blind stab at it is my philosophy.)

And that’s it folks for now. Well, until the next enquiry……