York shopping trip photos

Here are some more photos of our Brandy laced shopping trip in York for you all to enjoy. (Well apart from those containing me that is)

All taken by K as she chomped and slurped her way around the Xmas market stalls. The one of the handsome guy stood lolling against a stall is of course her new friend who was serving out the hot chocolate laced with Brandy. (Or was it Brandy laced with hot chocolate?)


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Just a couple of photos taken of my boss with my new Samsung Tocco Lite.

Yes I know! Your all heartily sick and tired of hearing about the blasted thing by now but……..I was requested to show some pics, so here you are. Two I have just taken now of my boss stood in the kitchen in her jammies. (what else!)

Covered in roses Photo0003


Not bad for a 3.2mp camera is it, and I love the effects you can add to a portrait. Will have to ‘mess around’ with it some more!


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Confused? You will be!

Conversations with K, or how to become dippier by the day.


It's Me! Here for your delight are a sample of conversations with my lovely daughter this week All included in this blog to demonstrate why I have arrived at the current mental state of being slightly Gaga, round the bend, or two cans  short of a six pack.

Tuesday 21.10pm.

K enters the room where I am trying to watch the latest escapades on Big Brother.

Mum, after we have been to the hairdressers on Saturday, can we go to Halifax?”

Me. “Why?” innocent and perfectly reasonable question considering that normally after a two hour stunt spent in the hairdressers without any food  K is usually anxious to high tail it to the nearest McDonalds for a fill up.

I'm confused, and dippy,and gaga!Cos the new Argos catalogue is out.”

Me sounding rather reluctant. “We’ll see.”

Or  we could go on Friday!” K ventures as an alternative suggestion.

Why what day is it out?”

On Saturday.”  

Yesterday 15.05pm.

K enters room where I am busy at the keyboard (that makes a change!)

Mum, will you spell me ‘hostectomy’  ?????? (She means hysterectomy, all because she hates being a woman, and plans to ask our doctor if she can have everything removed, either next time we are in the surgery, or alternatively once I have kicked the bucket, whichever comes sooner.) and also oterus?” (uterus)  Hmm, she must be putting all this down in her daily diary I thought to myself.

As  I wrote the spellings down on the scrap of paper that she presented to me, I couldn’t help thinking its a  good job that I didn’t set up that Space for her to use on Windows Live!  And here I must add that K thinks I am some sort of walking Encyclopaedia with knowledge about everything under the sun including an added spelling ability to rival any dictionary, unlike my two son’s who would rather die first before asking me or consulting me about anything at all.

This Morning 08.15am.


tarantula Me sat at the computer keyboard . (can you see a pattern emerging here readers?)

K arrives at my side and promptly thrusts her camera in front of my face which shows in its display a rather large spider crawling up a wall.

What sort of spider is this Mum?”  (add to my necessary repertoire being a naturalist as well as everything else)

Me horrified and ready to launch myself out of my computer chair and grab the nearest broom, cloth, etc to kill said dangerous looking spider with, “ whereabouts is it? Is it in your bedroom?”

No, its not in my bedroom!  Its  a spider from ‘Jungle to Jungle’! You are silly Mum!”    Why do spiders have three eyes?”  ?????

I don’t know! ” I answer, trying to recover my normal heart rate from the previous shock of thinking my daughter had a resident Tarantula in her bedroom. “I think they have far more than three eyes!  All the better to see you in triplicate I suppose!” (If you don’t know the answer to one of K’s numerous enquiries then make a blind stab at it is my philosophy.)

And that’s it folks for now. Well, until the next enquiry……


Contents of a camera….

Not that I think for one minute that any of my readers might conceivably think I exaggerate slightly when giving a few of the reasons why I’m slightly round the bend, but just as extra proof that is has been outside influences to blame for the rather sad state of mymind, I thought that you might all like to see for yourselves the current content of my beloved daughters camera.

I bought her this camera for her birthday a few years ago because she had been taking part in a photography course down at the Adult Education Centre, and apart from the occasional cutting off of a subjects head (usually me) she does seem to have got the hang of it. That is apart from the odd photographs that she chooses to take. Thank goodness for digital cameras with their ability to fit lots of photographs on a memory card which can be so easily deleted if they are poor quality.  

She is currently scouring the Internet (oh yes, as soon as she realized that you can search for almost anything online she ‘twigged’ it and uses it constantly to search for, in no particular order, short hairstyles (to print out to show the hairdresser) shark t-shirts with price, pictures of sharks, Music CD’s that she wants me to buy her, etc, etc.  When she finds them online (she’s a Google fan, sorry Bing) she then takes a photograph of the screen with her camera, so it tends to be full of screen shots of sharks, t-shirts, short hairstyles, Music CD titles with their price. (don’t ask! I still haven’t quite figured out her motive for this, unless its to show someone at Day Care or keep wafting in front of my face as a reminder of what she wants for her birthday)

She also likes to take pictures of herself in various hats, caps and disguises such as a horrible ‘wolf’ mask complete with matching hairy hands that she insisted I buy her one Halloween, this to scare the ‘trick or treaters’ away.  (see accompanying photo) All this has reminded me of one very embarrassing incident that occurred back in the old days when all of our cameras took film that had to be developed down at your local shop.  I can’t remember how old her and her brother were at that particular time,  at a guess I’ll say J was seven and she was 10.  I had taken a film in to be developed at our favourite shop. When I went to collect it, I thought that the assistants were looking at me strangely.

Exiting the shop I decided to look at them all as you tend to do,  and to my horror there were two photographs showing both of my children ‘mooning’ to the camera. They had taken each other bending down with bare bottom exposed for all to see!  I was horrified!  Furtively looking around in case the shop assistants had called the police to cart me off to jail accused of being some sort of child molester, I hurried home to confront my two offspring about it.  Of course all they could do was laugh! No wonder the girl assistants in the film processing shop had been looking at me so strangely!

So all I can say is thank goodness for digital camera’s, memory cards and that wonderful word ‘Delete’

TG  Worried

I can read her like a book!

Funny isn’t it how we come to know our children so well that we can read them like a book? I suppose that most Mum’s can say that about all of their offspring or even their husbands/partners, but its especially true when you have a child with special needs. I am pretty sure that my daughter is fancying someone who attends her Day Care Centre on a Tuesday. The clues are all there.

Yesterday she went dressed in fetching red sleeveless top with navy blue pedal pushers, hair all washed and neatly combed then covered in a FLOCK peaked cap worn backwards (as she tends to do) This was then accented by a ton of perfume liberally sprayed in every corner and area of her body visible to man.

Today she is back in the usual boring tatty t-shirt that she has owned since 19 nought blob, with an equally tatty pair of jeans, hair is just left messy and untidy,  and judging by the lack of lingering and overpowering smell around the flat, no perfume was applied at all. A dead giveaway? Probably a complete stranger would have cottoned on by now!

Have you got a boyfriend on a Tuesday?” I asked innocently as she did her usual pirouette in front of me for my perusal and approval.

No! Have I heck!” she replied indignantly, “I’ve more sense!” 

TG Dont tell anyone

To be or not to be…..it’s not to be.

Just quickly getting back to everyone about K and her weeks trial at Full body and the Voice, she has not been chosen to join the two year course, so we are both very upset.

Reason given?  She doesn’t need the course as she is already proficient in all the content such as improvisation, etc.  She is a fantastic actress and they will contact us if there are any openings for a professional part.

I will leave you all to draw your own conclusions about the outcome, remember they do have their own full time acting company who are based there permanently.

TG Sad


Taking K through her entrance procedure…

On  Friday, K and I set off to refresh her memory about where the entrance to ‘Full body and a Voice’ actually is situated, as it is rather a complicated entrance to find if you aren’t totally familiar with the place, and as it was quite a few weeks ago that we actually used it, I felt it warranted a return visit.

Coming down the cat steps It was a beautiful sunny morning, quite ‘springlike’ in fact.  We went down the ‘cat steps’ to catch the bus to Huddersfield and we didn’t have long to wait for one.  Which brings me to the question  have you ever noticed how if the weather is fine, then your only stood at the bus stop for a few minutes before one arrives, but if its horrible, raining, cold etc, you’ve probably just missed one and therefore have half an hour to wait?  Or is that  another  one  of Technogran’s laws?

Anyway, I digress.  On arrival in Huddersfield, I took some pictures of the Church then we continued on to the Laurence Batley Theatre where we ran through exactly where K needs to go, which door, the procedure to employ if the door is locked, (there is an intercom system employed for entrance and you have to push the button for someone to release the door and let you in) next we went over how many flight of steps she needs to climb in order to reach the company. (all the way to the top actually, so quite a climb!  Boy, is she going to lose some weight!  LOL)   Well actually there is a lift, but being the kind thoughtful and caring  Mum that I am, I didn’t point this out to her because she will then use this all the time, and let’s face it all that stair climbing will help to keep her fit!

K catches her breath climbing the stairs

(Don’t worry dear readers, K is no fool!  She will have already noted the lift and no doubt will  be hoping that I didn’t notice it.  And she was probably silently saying to herself as we puffed up the steps “ Ha!  Monday I am using that lift!  There is no way am I climbing all these steps!   Who does my Mum think I am? “ or words to that effect.)

Anyway, on eventually arriving at the studio, we had a quick look around.  There was no staff present and the door to the offices was locked, so K  just did a practice at ‘limbering up’ at the bar ready for any ballet that she might be requested to perform, then we reconnoitred the toilets and their position (next floor down to the studio) in relation to where she would be based.

SNC11296 Posters on the stairs

Following that we made our exit down the stairs and outside, where we had a quick chat to Vanessa who was sat outside at one of the Cafe tables having a smoke.  She is one of the acting company’s tutors at ‘Full Body and the Voice.’  By the time  we finished our chat and said our goodbye’s and ‘See you on Mondays’ it was lunch time, so we decided to have a change of venue and went into Burger King for our lunch. Then we made our way up to the bus station and returned home.

Laurence Batley Theatre stitch

I am now feeling confident that K knows her way into the building and whereabouts to go on her first day there. The taxi firm have also put my mind at rest regarding the procedure in the afternoon should she be late exiting the building, and assured me that they would never leave without  her.  Now I know what you’re all thinking,  ‘Is this woman paranoid or what?’ but we have had this happen in the past when K was attending H college many years ago,  and she was actually left by the taxi firm on more than one occasion!  The horror and helplessness I felt on those occasions has never left me, it was a nightmare to be rung up by the College staff and be told that my Down’s Syndrome daughter was still stood outside at 14.30 pm at night in the dark, and I was miles away with no way to get to her! On the phone

So, I have now been put at my ease. She is nervous about the trial week, but I am quietly confident that she will be attending for the next two years. At least, I hope so!

TG  Open-mouthed